Valentine Card #love #haiku #photography #valentine

heart hydrangea

Love invisible

rooted deep within the heart

grows strong like the oak

layered rose

soft scents of flowers

spring blooms in lovers eyes

desires entangle

This week at Poet’s United we are besting Hallmark with personal  expressions of love!!! Love is not a card.


Picture Desire #photography

I hope 2


Picture desire

the belief           in goodness

 sweet, confident      repose  of a puppy

waves  carelessly lapping at your heels

the ability to resist hatred and war

the intertwining of beauty

love’s pas de deux

Desires are central to the soul’s unfolding and should not be dismissed before giving them careful attention.


Thanks so much to Ese for the weekly phot and quote challenge. This week’s theme: Desire 

And the expression of many talented photographers:

Drawn Together… #oneshotwednesday #poetry

My first sweep of your jawline

a shade around your nose

caught on your eyes

what happened who knows


I sketched until dawn

a face that I’d rendered

then why were my lips

shaking and tender


I peered deeper

you looked back at me

what had I done

had I set my love free?


To settle on a face

the one of my dreams

Oh what a fool

to believe in such schemes


I continued to draw

each night until dawn

nothing changed

what had gone wrong?


Hearing a sound

before the sun rose

a knock on the door

could it be? I don’t know


There you stood

rays circling your face

the man in my drawing

it was you in this place

I recently started drawing again. I have spent hours, days on a face. I imagined what it would be like to draw someone into existence ~ Voila!

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Dave Kleinschmidt

Dream Another Night Away #Valentine #DuetPoetry

She is in his dreams dancing lightly across his sighs

closer than a whisper warming his heart

waking his need to dance with love

they dance to the soft sounds of night

spinning with the stars above and the lights in her eyes


Desire awakening with each kiss

perfection in each fluid move

finding endless hope in cosmic display

lover’s plight to only meet at night

days spent dreaming of the lover missed


Their rival daylight

in darkness ecstasy takes flight

tantalizing essence mesmerizes and captivates

lovers intertwined in a feast of senses

exploring the infinite horizons of joy so right


They revel in a world never fraught with pain

seize one last lingering kiss before dawn

walking in a daze until they dream another night away

eyes close reminding him of

stormy currents turbulent plains



…and a Tanka Attempt for One Stop Poetry Form


(For Each of you dear folks I have met through blogging and One Stop Poetry – A Tanka Valentine)

I look at your names

A smile then comes to my face

memories and more

You have each made my life full

so in my heart theres a place

to each of you love and More

Thank you for letting my friend Sean Vessey and myself  share another of our poetry duets with you. Each line is a response to the other ~ the duet (above) is sung from the heart to honor each of you dear people who bring such joy to our lives – Happy Valentine’s Day.

photos Courtesy of Creative Commons

The Lover’s Song #oneshotwednesday

Awakened in the morning

serenaded by my favorite sound

“I love you so my darling

you are my heart’s desire”


Rambling through my day

softly humming my lover’s song

clinging to the phrase

“I am his heart’s desire”


A moment that I take

I dream of us awake

passion there is still

“you are my heart’s desire”


Prepared to meet his gaze

fragrance fills the air

reminders of my love

hanging here and there


Eyes caught in candlelight

there’s longing in my song

“You are my heart’s desire”

you are where I belong…



This is just one of the many poems shared with One Shot Wednesday. One Stop Poetry is a community. We want to encourage you the artist/ writer/ poet to be the best you can be – join us. Share you passion and inspiration.

In the Echo (Flash Fiction 55)

She listened for his voice.

He called, “Where are you?”

The echo seemed to assault

“W_H_E_R_E    A_R_E     Y_O_U?”

“I’m here,”she called back

“I can’t seeee you,” his words echoed desirous

“I’m here…

closer than your next breath”

longing echo whispered in his ear

he could almost feel her

in the echo.

Thanks to G-Man aka Mr Know it All for hosting a great flash fiction each week. We always have fun trying to create a story in 55 words. Come along with us and try your hand.

D sharon Pruitt shared this lovely photo on Creative Commons

“Rainbow Echo”

I Took It!

I took it!

No – I didn’t steal

not a cent

you offered it to me

for real!


like my favorite scent

which flower

I”m not  sure

give me a moment

I know it’s a type of  fleur


Memories of the five and dime

candy for a cent

beauty in every sweet

can taste those flavors yet


a fragrance greater  than a rose

desire beyond  confectionary treat

it was your love you sent

most  fragrant and sweet