Restored #forgiveness #poetry #uganda

They curse the dry unyielding ground

stubble from impotent crops remain

toppled huts call out in anger

“we will never be whole again

they have maligned our children

destroyed our spirit”

only bitter weeds grow strong


lovingly they pour water on hardened ground

fingers soiled with ancestral dirt

music filters through new huts

golden maize dances to life’s song

children’s laughter reaches blue expanse

“we are known as the place of the light”

Pasqual’s face radiates hope


The LRA displaced the Acholi tribes in Northern Uganda. Not one family was untouched. “I was abducted as a child.” “My wife was raped at 9.” “We ran over the bodies of dead family members.” “Our village was destroyed.”

For the Acholi there are two choices – bitterness or forgiveness.

In no way is the forgiveness easy but only through it can life begin fresh and new.

Only in love can a new song be written in the heart of these strong people.


“Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.  Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, even as God in Christ forgave you.”
Ephesians 4:31 & 32
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Driving Force #photography #haiku

time and storms erode

watercress flows in peace

my footsteps gone

beach at Kitty Hawk

The Daily Post Photography Challenge this week is Forces of Nature. I heard on the news that the place where I took the beach photograph was destroyed (4 days later) when a storm took out the dunes.

Staccato #poetry #devotion #photography

quickly you crack the whip

knocking over what was once precious

valuables turned to dust

your mark permanent

quickly you crack the whip

over me you lord superiority

dealing the final card

I have lost everything

quickly you crack the whip

mutilated beyond recognition

all that’s left is a pool of blood

you were once my friend

In the Bible, James 3 talks about the tongue:

” But no human being can tame the tongue.It is a restless evil full of deadly poison.”

Unbridled, our tongue can be quick to lash out perhaps destroying another with our words. What would the world today be like if everyone used their words to soothe and encourage? It can start with us.

“Love provided me with a tongue and tears”

~ Gibran

Give me love

flowing stream in the desert

words of kindness


Devotion shared with Godinterest

Silenced #hiroshima #poetry #poem


Captive in the frame
Captive in the frame

Awakened from deafening noises

pushing away this long night mare

unsuccesful I rub my dark eyes

trying to look through a dusty cloud

I shake cob webs that I wear

Looking in a mirror

I lay back on the floor

 fear grabs me as I  curl up

knowing that this dream must end

or destruction has claimed my world


 Poet’s United Wednesday Motif is reflecting on the 69th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima or A-Bomb Day. We are prompted to write from the point of view of a character then or now.

Timber… #flashfiction #amwriting


It had been unseasonably wet in the state where it “never rains.”

We had run out of chips so I did a “quick run” to the store.  I felt a rumble, threw the car into park and jumped out.  Instinctively I knew that I had to get out from under trees and power lines. “Earthquake” I screamed at some  joggers. I stood watching the massive oak upended.


The landscaper had a smirk on his face. For years he had reported that the celebrated, oldest oak needed to be cut down. The celebration was over; the paying of bills in full swing…

Theme of this post: Fictionalized non-fiction

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The scalpel is a symbol of constructive criticism – cut away

A Dark Christmas Post #poetry #Newtown #loss

the stockings were hung

T’was the night before Christmas
darkness stole thru the light
the people were all sleeping
when there came a fearsome fright
destructive hands of power
fists of seething might
when it was over
hearts could not endure their plight

Over at Pen of the Damned two poems are posted to remember those suffering from the loss of a loved one. They are also in tribute to the children and their families of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Raze #poetry #photography

This rapid burn

losing ink on my page

raised caulderon of letters

illuminates my mind

for one moment

fueled flash

clarifies the past

I taste the ash

burning my moist lips

holding the last remnant

of you

a little too long

spitting out

the scorched after-taste


you put this flame

of destruction

in motion

I don’t always use music to inspire my writing but I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift and Red and these words alight

Photograph: “Evening’s Fury” L. Moon copyright 2012

z a fitting end #atozchallenge

The end it fits

Boa constrictor

Squeezing out last gasps of air

You raped


You leave nothing

The audience will be by for viewing

“Here lies her carcass

Once a woman

Now a shell

Ripped to pieces

Teeth marks latent”

Compared to heart bludgeoning

Never you mind

Go forward

You are good

At enticing


Causing people who feel

Their END

*incessant clapping by audience who in their ignorance helped bloody the water***

No need to hide

Why were you hiding

From people you loved?

When all of the answers

Came from above


You just didn’t know

Where to turn

Path to destruction

Life on the burn


There was no way out

So many sensed

You’d  never get free

Caught by the fence


You never needed

to hide in the wings

what exceptional gifts

talent and things


Stay off the fence

Look up high

That which you search for

Is in the sky!!!!

Photo courtesy of Mysza831