The Road #atozchallenge #poetry #children #uganda

Red dirt road to the village

river claims it eve’s storm

barely make it home

no light for feet or tires

prayer alone to guide us

if I wax poetic

I can look over my back

road over- run with soldiers

entire families gone

children walk through blood

red stain never removed

I can look forward

hope in future’s eyes

children studying hard

families sacrifice for school funds

Uganda’s tomorrow on the horizon

needing prayer to guide her

Today is the day that A to Zers will write about the letter “R.” Poetry allows for reflection.  I hope as you read about the lives of determined children in Uganda that you will understand a bit more about the Acholi tribe that can trace themselves back to Noah.







Little Girls


Invisible (Dragon)

Jump for Joy











Kindness #children #atozchallenge

mama’s busy with the farm

rain blocked the way

we jump life’s puddles

we  cross them together

today on my back

tomorrow holding hands


The Acholi are hard working and determined people. The women will work the farm during the day, clean up , then carry their produce to market each evening. The young girls sweetly care for their siblings even those still in diapers. What determination we see in those so young. So proud of the kindness of children.

Are you doing the A to Z challenge? Are you determined to finish strong?

We are near to the halfway mark – bravo.

No Labels- Please #poetry


Held together by determination

the glue is my own recipe

one that none can read

Unclean, unacceptable, unnnnn

 I never fit into your world

your scissors cut me long ago

 in the dusty disregard pile

and there I remain in your mind

(but not so in mine)

 A blue spring breeze went off course

entered through un-mended crack

grabbed the discard pile

  into the sky I was cast

laughter with the sun, what I have become

 with moonlight I often dance

I tease edges of starry chance

no more the stain, your chagrin

skipping over yesterdays fails

for this I finally learned

“you can only define something that allows it”

 too free to allow your opinion to burn

 altered  by whimsy’s determination

 held together by life’s blend

my label none can read it

unless you too dance with the wind