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violet (2)

Violet had one leg that was slightly shorter than the other

so she hobbled in PE class

one eye was half brown half blue

her accent was English/ other times German

when the sun caught her hair it was golden then fiery red

she told interesting stories about her life

everyone laughed no one believed

“they hold a parade in my honor each year at my home

my name is a household name,” so she said

the girls roared on the ground as they heard this silliness

 the half brown half blue eye got a tear

Violet invited me to her home

“you will be my guest of honor”

Not sure what to expect I went because she was my friend

now my name is a household name in her home town as well

This is a fictionalized story about a real person. There are those who are out of step with their  community, school, or workplace; society too readily draws the line ostracizing  people even bullying them. I like quirky, non-conformist; they make life spicy where otherwise everything would be just the same.

Photography: “Violet” copyright L. Moon 2011

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This year for  A to Z challenge, I am using the Nautilus as my inspiration all month. The shell has many chambers (at least enough to fit all the letters.)  You will find poetry,  You will find some dark stuff (as I am attempting to branch into the horror genre), You will also see a smattering of short stories or prose (some with children in mind) others as lessons that we can all learn from. I look forward to  meeting you and getting to know some talented writers over this month long writing journey. Please check over at the A to Z challenge and see what they are up to; they are a fine bunch of folks.


I will never understand… #oneshotwednesday #autism awareness

I will never understand

why people look and deride

a person

who is just like you and I


I will never understand

can’t you see

that individual

has feelings like you

like me

I will never understand

as the winds blow

why such intelligence

and thought

are looked at so low

I will never understand

beauty from above

rarely given

second thought

as a gift of love

This month is autism awareness month. A time to support those who carry an additional burden through life. If anything has been my life’s cause, it is to help others appreciate these children who have so much love to offer the world. My friend Alexi has bravely written an account about her younger brother – a survivor – a gem!!!


This is also One Stop Wednesday!!!

enjoy the wonderful poetry submitted by the community of poets in our midst.






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Rhett Maxwell http://www.flickr.com/photos/rhettmaxwell/2443185091

My Friend Madison ( the special needs dilemma)

I have a friend his name is Madison. He is a seven year old boy. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Madison loves to play with Legos. He sleeps in a loft bed and has a bat cave under his bed. When he finishes breakfast on time, Madison gets to watch cartoons before school. Madison likes pizza; he doesn’t really like green beans, but he eats them because his daddy asks him to. Madison likes school. He can do complex math problems in his head; learning facts comes easily to Madison. Madison has one friend at school- that’s all he needs. He doesn’t care what people think when he has an accident, but all the children make fun of him.

Madison’s mom and dad won’t tell the school that he has a special need because they have heard from other parents that he will be treated differently by the children and the teachers. He will be called “dummy and weirdo.” He will always be singled out as different. How is Madison different from your seven year old? Your child doesn’t like Legos and loves green beans? Maybe your seven year old can’t do math facts in his or her head.

Our children are all different. My boy has brown hair and is tall. My girl can’t do math facts in her head. Madison should not be singled out because he has a disability. If the school and the children find out about Madison, they will put an invisible placard around his neck. The placard should read – “Though I may not be the most social human being, I will grow up and probably be an Astrophysicist or create computer programs that you can’t even fathom.” Instead the placard will read “I am different. It may not be safe for your child to play with me. Society likes to place labels on people like me.”

Coach Cooper (little car with a big heart)

Hi I’m Coach Cooper and I am in the process of putting together a series of stories for children.

As a mini-cooper, I know about being different. Those big trucks always make me feel insignificant and out of place.

Not to worry I’ll stay off the roads and go to the baseball diamond where I can have fun with my friends.

I got involved with a baseball league called the Miracle League. This baseball league was formed so that kids with disabilities could enjoy my favorite sport — Baseball! We even have a special field set up for the league.

You know what? Even though I am different from most of the coaches, they asked me to be third base coach.

I’m hoping that kids will really enjoy our stories. If you are on twitter you can follow me @coach_cooper. My friend Robert will also have things about me too. Robert knows about beating the odds. As a man with cerebral palsy, he has faced some incredible odds. So one of the incredible things he is doing is co-writing these books for kids. Wow — what a guy. Check out his blog robertsblog46.wordpress.org

My friend Robert (be yourself)

This is my second blog in a series titled “My Friend Robert”. Today’s blog is about Amanda who, like Robert, was born with a developmental disability. Amanda will always wear society’s “different” label.

I like Amanda. She is  straight forward and “no-nonsense.”  She represents the  21st century woman honorably.  If you are doing something that bothers Amanda, she will be honest with you and tell you. Wouldn’t you like to know if you had an annoying habit? I would. Amanda will help you out. Wearing the most offensive outfit of the century? Amanda will say “Joyce that outfit is hideous. Change that right now!”  Many of us feign delight and change the subject. “Joyce is that a new hair style?”

Amanda also is the first to give praise. “I’m so glad you came today” she joyfully remarks.  She walks in a room and the gray turns to yellow. Amanda and  Robert are the bright spots in everyone’s day. Why? They are honest, sincere, and very thoughtful.

People, in general, have blocked part of who they are. Why?- Because they are trying to fit in to society. We aren’t completely honest with ourselves. We struggle to let go of our inhibitions. We rarely run around joyfully, laughing, and proclaiming that life is great. After all “what would people think?” Robert and Amanda have dealt with “what people think” their whole lives and have risen above it.

I applaud those who look at life honestly and directly. They live with their label. They could whine but they persevere.