Creature Comforts #poetry #photography #dogs

Between strong legs I look beyond the porch waves of snow hemmed in with ice once I would have savored cold challenging the white waves feeling exuberance of youth I lay down at his feet soaking in homey warmth his knowing reflects in my eyes together we dream by the fire     Today IContinue reading “Creature Comforts #poetry #photography #dogs”

What’s Your: Perspective #photography #poetry

Looking from your side of reality what do you see? He sees books I see trees Does it matter the angle  require a dodge? Is perspective the viewer? the critic my dog? At Word Press Daily Post an excellent and fun prompt  Perspective

Inspiration – where does it come from as you writer? #writing #poetry #photography

Where does inspiration for the work you write come from? When you see a smile on a child or on a kite do you craft a poem with butterflies and streamers as your subject matter? There are probably those sorrowful/ tender moments that could be inspired by a broken winged bird. What words flow fromContinue reading “Inspiration – where does it come from as you writer? #writing #poetry #photography”

Maybe She Will… #magpietales #shortstory

…Stop haunting me with her scent I turn and it’s you! Go away!!! Can’t you understand I must go into hiding? veiling my heart from this pain the choking reality of her Take my shoe and go She took everything else Wagging your tale wont do I have no room for humanity what saith yoou? Man’sContinue reading “Maybe She Will… #magpietales #shortstory”

The Moonless Night (Friday Flash Fiction)

It was dark “no moon out tonight,” she whispered “what shall we do?” No response from him. “Hmmm I could feed you from my fingertips we could drink sweet water we could go for a walk under the moonless sky.” He was eagerly panting. his four paws scurried to the door to grab his leash.Continue reading “The Moonless Night (Friday Flash Fiction)”

My Friend Whit (Theme Thursday pets)

Every day she wakes me up with a smile. The obligatory bath accompanies the wakeup call. If she were a person, we would text  for hours. Our favorite past-time is swimming. While I swim laps, she practices her dog paddle and dives. When she was a teen, I decided to teach her lifesaving. She isContinue reading “My Friend Whit (Theme Thursday pets)”

The Boy and The Stick (Saturday Story)

I have decided to try something new for this blog. I’ve been a storyteller since I was 8. Children loved sitting and hearing me tell a story before bedtime or a nap or just in-between something. I’ll try it with older kids and see what happens. Worst case I’ll create a story section for youContinue reading “The Boy and The Stick (Saturday Story)”


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