Life’s Light #haiku #photography





lips whisper speak

echoes cast golden shadow 

un forgotten flame






Kristjaan’s prompt at Carpe Diem is Candle. There are so many meanings in the flickering light of a candle – what meaning has it for you?










Desert Echo #haiku #tanrenga


ancient laughter
captured in a canyon wind –
yucca leaves, rustling

© Jen of Blog It Or Lose It

ancient laughter

captured in canyon wind

yucca leaves, rustling


echoed conversation

wisdom of the ages


This is Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga prompt for the weekend

If you are unfamiliar with the Tan Renga form,

the second “stanza” of 7-7 is an echo of another poet’s haiku

Each Written Word #poetry #photography

Each word was a thread
an interwoven part
tears like dew drops
 from a broken heart
Each word was a plea
silent call to you
catching the phrase
before the wind it blew
Each word echoed love
tumbled in the waves
polished over time
waiting for the day
Each word a duet
a  poem in the dust
 inscribing now my fate
your embrace, I trust
Each word an inspiration
of stories that I live
 inked is the promise
etched upon my skin
While penning, what does a poet seek ~ Fame, understanding, love, expression?
This week’s Prompt from Verse First “Writer’s are lovers”
 “Writers are great lovers… and great lovers realize that they are what they love.” ~ Ginsberg
Dedicated to a  poet I have long revered
Photography is the © work of L. Moon 2013
poets united

In the Echo (Flash Fiction 55)

She listened for his voice.

He called, “Where are you?”

The echo seemed to assault

“W_H_E_R_E    A_R_E     Y_O_U?”

“I’m here,”she called back

“I can’t seeee you,” his words echoed desirous

“I’m here…

closer than your next breath”

longing echo whispered in his ear

he could almost feel her

in the echo.

Thanks to G-Man aka Mr Know it All for hosting a great flash fiction each week. We always have fun trying to create a story in 55 words. Come along with us and try your hand.

D sharon Pruitt shared this lovely photo on Creative Commons

“Rainbow Echo”