Outline of the Sky #haiku #photography #nature

meigetsu ya ittemo ittemo yoso no sora

autumn’s bright moon,
however far I walked, still afar off
in an unknown sky

© Chiyo-Ni a well known haiku poetess from the 18th century.


july2dawn4 015


face the path alone

destination beyond  reach

wolf knows the way


silent embrace

dawn’s mountain top caress

warmth rises

Today’s prompt from Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem is “The Unknown Sky.”

The photograph was taken of the Sierra Madre foothills when all was still and cool.

The photo has a sensual feel that I always feel compelled to write about *wink*

What lies in the unknown sky for you?


Roses’ Secret #poetry #photography #undyinglove

Blushing rose

(he whispers) 13 rose fragrant riddles

a tease of love’s first senses

 (she) reclines upon fresh petals

(they) wrapped in moonlight embraces


beauty mingles with each day

sun reaches to taste her dew

in the garden they will play until the last ray is through


standing elegantly now

confident above the rest

she will stately take her bow wrinkles fade into the past


 she lays on the grave

 fingers hold her fast

smiles of memory’s day a love that would  eternal last

cemetery rose


Today’s prompt for Poet’s United Mid Week Motif is 13 (using 13 lines) . So often we think of this number as bad luck.


poets united
A favorite place to join with poets





Dance of Dawn #poetry #photography

embrace the first light of day in someone’s arms…

point of dawn

at the bluest point of dawn

from her covers

she peaks her head

dancing in yellow and red

at the bluest point of dawn

trees embrace

waiting for the day

in first morning’s breeze they sway

at the bluest point of dawn

 in each other’s  arms

love comes awake

ahh, the dance steps they will take

The Embrace #haiku #photography

Embrassez moi

sous la pluie

ne jamais cesser


never stop

holding me with your heart

catch love’s tears


catch love’s tears

save them in a bottle

for a sunny day

Le_Baiser_de_lHotel_de_Ville ~ Robert Doisneau

The prompt for today’s Carpe Diem is “Embrace.” There are many forms of that gesture I was in a romantic mood so my haiku cascade starts with a French Kiss!!!

Photography: “Rainy Tears” © L. Moon 2013

The famous embrace ” Le_Baiser_de_lHotel_de_Ville” by celebrated French photographer Robert Dosineau

Eclipse #haiku


Cover the moon

their light and darkness merge

different glow


wrapped in warm arms

waiting so long for this kiss

welcome eclipse

During the month of October we are celebrating the one year anniversary of Carpe Diem a place where haiku comes alive each day. Today’s prompt is Eclipse

Embrace of a Lifetime

He reached for her outstretched arm

she smiled back with starry eyes

energy surged between them

a cosmic bond melded them


Linked by fate not of their choosing

no resistance to its pull possible

there was no need

neither desired to fight the flow


Drawing her closer, he stopped

their hot breath quickened

their lips quivering

anticipating heaven on earth


As their lips met,

their bodies sighed with the knowledge

this was the embrace

they had waited for their entire lives

their lips never to be apart again

Thanks to Aarmono for the perfect Embrace


Love with words…

Love is such a common theme isn’t it? Love is also the most misunderstood theme.

These two poems will again try to define LOVE using words

True Love (poem by  Dave Holloway)

The waves are pounding down below me.
The sun disappears setting the night free.
Darkness enhances campfires up and down,
like glowing diamonds on a black background.

A warm wind blows into my face,
coming off the sea from a distant place.
I smile to myself, contentedness surrounds me
and ponder it’s meaning, staring out at the sea.

Then an array of thought begins to flow through.
All beautiful and loving, then I think of you,

but that slowly fades into the awesome sound
of waves crashing below on sandy ground.
Then my gaze drifts up to the far distant lights
edging the shoreline like a necklace that delights
an eternal goddess standing proud and sure,
whose breath is the wind, an enticing lure.

Love May Be Unsure (Poem by Leslie Moon)

Love may be whimsical

elusive, unsure

but it is a feeling that helps us endure

Without love we are cold

insignificant, small

we stop feeling anything at all

Love can embrace

or push away

how much better to stay

Don’t get rid of love

Remove the hurt, the harshness

bring light to remove the darkness


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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