Criss Cross #poetry #prompt

standing in a corridor

just too many feet

ebb flows with humanity

no elemental beat

cross contamination

no notes neatly on a scale

standing in obscurity

life colourless and pale

shadows move around me

where do they all go

dissonant, yes empty

I stand before all woe

Prompt from Reen’a Exploration


Deceived #poetry #archive

The façade has an appeal to the onlooker

It draws one in to experience more

It appears to offer shelter

Hope seems just a little further


Look closer for the truth

Your eyes have been deceived

No substance -it is empty

The facade is a shell

Nothing to offer – nothing at all



Moondustwriter celebrates 10 years of  blogging on Word Press. This is an archived poem from the first month. Poetry is cathartic and I hope anyone who needs to blow off steam finds the outlet in writing.

As this posts, I will be in Africa doing what I love – teaching the children I write for. 10 years ago this was only a dream now this is an amazing reality.

Thank you Word Press for giving artists, writers, poets a place for venting, a place to fly…

Balloon #dailypost #photography #haiku

color confusion

birds continue their routine

out of steam


Today’s Daily Post  prompt is Empty. The people in line for a balloon ride at Innovations in Flight were disappointed as the Smithsonian’s balloon was emptied of hot air.

Meaningless #poetry

petals in the snow

The words sung in a song

conveying 3 minutes of trite

something like

“you looked in my eyes

now its all gone wrong”


Wish washy

touch of your hand

electricity is spent

replaced with a sign says  “vacant”

over your heart


words you once said

attached to a laughter

we were writing love’s chapter

pages are dispersed

and driven over

during the evening rush hour


yes,it all meant something once

the roses, the wine, romance

the moonlight dance

where we promised…

that was before

it all froze in the snow


Empty Shell #haiku #art #photography

watering eye

next to my footprint

the empty shell of a hermit crab –
Ah! what a sadness

(c) Chèvrefeuille (2012)


Devoid of feeling

punished by old dreams

carried on a wave

~L. Moon

Thanks to Kristjaan at Carpe Diem for another installation (part 2) of 3 part Vision Quest challenge where we have 24 hours to respond by writing a haiku. Today’s prompt “Empty Shell.”

Artwork: “Tearing Eye” is a pencil drawing layered on top of a photograph of a wave.

Image © Moondust designs

Nothing #atozchallenge #poetry #photography


There is a place called “nothing”

devoid of space and time

I guarantee it’s real

Represents a frame of mind


“Nothing” you might say is empty

Some might say it’s flat

A question merely lingers

“Nothing”- where is that?


Could nothing be a place

A place where you are not

People point and gawk

For some – it is their lot


Many say its fiction

Others say it’s fact

Sadly, I have lived there

Never wanting  to go back


I pulled this poem from my 2010 archives. I tried in the style of Dr. Seuss to use simple rhyme and rhythm to make  astute  and silly observation.


“It was at that age
that poetry came in search of me.” 
― Pablo Neruda,

A newly coined word. Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” is filled with them, including “slithy” and “gimble.”

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

The Empty Space in My Bed #poetry #lyrics


Its empty

where I lay my head

cold vacancy

left in our bed

where you once laid

an empty space

where there was love

there is no trace


memories tears

leave my cheeks wet

your  fingers in my hair

I cannot forget

the warmth of you

never to return

all my love letters

you left to burn


It’s empty

where I lay my head

cold vacancy

 left in our bed

where you once laid

 an empty space

where there was love

there is no trace


what little remains

 in what you’d written

can no longer warm me 

of that I am certain

there’s no heat from us

that I can retain

sadness in these sheets

chills like  empty rain


It’s empty 

where I lay my head

cold vacancy

 left in our bed

where you once laid

 an empty space

where there was love

there is no trace

Thanks to Ian for the timeless photograph//

Never to See You – Jamais Encore #poetry

Ce que fera je fais…

Si je ne vous voit jamais encore?

The question was what…

what would I

what will I do

when you leave

you leave and




Life giving oxygen leaves

in quick blasts

at the very thought


you gone

my world




An empty bed

empty hand

empty heart




The first breath comes

second in succession


filling the empty spaces



A painless moment

accompanied by another

gasping for another breath

hoping for another breath

pleading for refuge from the pain

death of my heart

replaced with life

life is happening

life will happen

Je Vivrais