Love Never Ends #poetry #photography #4u

heart in ivy

What if this day

was my end

would you see my smile

in the skies?

would you hear my laughter

rustling through the trees

would you see my fingers

rustling summer’s breeze?

Were this to be

my last  and final day

would you always know

that you made my spirit  glow?

would you hear songs that I sang

just around the bend

my love’s  forever chorus

you can on this depend

look for it in the spring

grasp for  it in the stars

and never doubt my love

its  always deepening


Season’s End #tanrenga #photography #nablopomo #fall


weeping willow

shedding summer skin
willow floats downstream
reflecting season’s end

(c) Maggie Grace

none to catch last remains

waterlogged and withered

The Tan Renga from Maggie Grace is a wonderful reflection of the season of fall. Enjoy other Tan Renga at Carpe Diem.

Traversing Autumn’s Path #poetry #photography #loss

Her hands clasped to mine

we walked along autumn’s path

crunching beneath our feet

the remnants of yesterday’s glory

she picked up a leaf

what I thought was dew was a tear

“why do you cry, my love?”

my eyes thoughtful

“life is perishing beneath our feet

we are crushing aged spring

we walk the burial ground of the seasons”

“press this amber leaf against your heart

feel its resonating warmth

hear him tell you his story

let it be a reminder of the past

then welcome the new season

a time for ends and reflection

reach your hands to grasp the snowflakes

purity falls over barren trees

and spring returns to remind us

of that which we have lost

and of that which we might gain”

“another year of this loss?”

I saw her eyes pool

“I don’t think I can bare it”

“but another year of promise as well

life, love and new beginnings

those too will grow in the coming year

one day we will look back

the skeletons beneath our feet

will not sound like death with each step

I will once again look up

and see life blossoming in your eyes”

This week marks the second anniversary of the death of a child in our neighborhood  who was tragically swept away by a flash flood The lights represent candles and sentiments that lined the family’s driveway last year. Blue ribbons hang, year round, on our trees, sign posts and mailboxes in memory of this loss..

The Spiral Down Life #poetry #atoz #napowrimo


Has this rust

and decay

pulled me away

from the here and now?


I hear an echo

the movement of feet

a heart beat

then nothing


I am losing

life’s grip

what if I slip

down endless well?


There is light

perhaps it is you

coming through

the apex


I am failing

sanity’s lost minute

dizzying thoughts infinite

who am I?


I feel

finality’s pull

spiral  is full

where were you?
















A2Z-2013-BADGE-001Small_zps669396f9 (1)


This year for  A to Z challenge, I am using the Nautilus as my inspiration all month. The shell has many chambers (at least enough to fit all the letters.)  You will find poetry,  You will find some dark stuff (as I am attempting to branch into the horror genre), You will also see a smattering of short stories or prose (some with children in mind) others as lessons that we can all learn from. I look forward to  meeting you and getting to know some talented writers over this month long writing journey. Please check over at the A to Z challenge and see what they are up to; they are a fine bunch of folks.



Thanks to Rzrxtion for the rusty spiral staircase

At the End of the Day #poetry #photography #endoftheworld

cold prismic

Precariously I stand today

one foot on life

the other tottering

closing in on destruction’s edge


At the end of the day

will there be no one to mourn us

at the end of the day

will the streets run red

who will sing of our honor

who will bear the last torches

and lead us on our way

at the end of the day


Precariously I stand today

beholding the last of beauty

consuming fires rage over the world’s stage

no lingering reason no remaining duty


At the start of today

there was so much to live for

now only fresh soil remains on our graves

who will pick up all the pieces

lives are over all are dying

none to cast a loving gaze in the blaze

at the end of the day



What better way to spend the “last” day with other writers blogging about the end.

Join Us!!! Thanks to Chuck and The Warrior Muse for hosting the party.

Photograph: L. Moon 2012

 “At the End of the Day” from Les Miserables inspired this end of the world piece.

The Lapse of Life #poetry #photography


Hurled out into oblivion

the pieces of my past

I cannot catch them

they fly much too fast


I am now but a fragment 

of my existent self

look at the pieces

place them on life’s shelf


what’s gone in a moment

speed elapsed spin

I will never be

that person ~ myself again


you saved a handful

of glass you say

throw it to Heaven

it’s the end of Earth’s Day

Photography “Broken” copyright 2010~ L. Moon

z a fitting end #atozchallenge

The end it fits

Boa constrictor

Squeezing out last gasps of air

You raped


You leave nothing

The audience will be by for viewing

“Here lies her carcass

Once a woman

Now a shell

Ripped to pieces

Teeth marks latent”

Compared to heart bludgeoning

Never you mind

Go forward

You are good

At enticing


Causing people who feel

Their END

*incessant clapping by audience who in their ignorance helped bloody the water***

Shards of Love #poetry

Shattered pieces of us

unmendable puzzle

love’s memories are left

none remain to hold us

what is left my love?



a calderon of desire on one shore

unspoken words on another

separated by more than space and time

our hearts will never be repaired

shards     of     love    ripped     through      you      and      I……………………..





















Photography Copyright 2011 “Pieces”  L. Moon