Theme Thursday – The Duck Pond

Funny(haha) I just wrote a story about cycling (for Theme Thursday) last week. Soooo this week’s theme is “Bicycles.” Grasping at tires should be the title for this story.

This is child’s play she laughed as she jumped on the bike.

Then it started to shake and fall.

“Jureen when was the last time you rode a bike?”

“Well – I didn’t exactly say if I had”, she said with a sideways smile.

I started to giggle.

“How are we going to go on a three-mile bike ride

with the boys if you don’t know how to ride a bike?”

The girls had jumped for joy when they had gotten the invitation

by the two best looking seniors in school. The plan was to go for

a ride to the park, feed the ducks, and come back.

“Maybe if  girls didn’t have to wear skirts and were able to wear pants like

boys it would be easier to ride these contraptions.”

I chuckled. My friend Jureen always had very modern ideas about women.

“They will be here in a half hour. No more talking you have to at least look convincing.”

So for thirty minutes the best friends  laughed while one taught and the other learned.

It was a memorable day but not memorable in the way the girls had planned. They pulled each other up the back stairs tired, dirty, and sweaty.

“Ummm I think this iced tea may be the best part of the entire day.”

“Certainly not!’,  Jureen giggled.

I was hoping Jureen wasn’t going to say anything positive about the boys

trying to “sneak a kiss” at the park.

“The best part of the day was when you taught me how to ride a bike.”

Both the girls grinned as they knew it was Jureen’s unskilled bike riding that had saved the day.

“I have an idea. Let’s ride bikes to the park next Saturday!”

‘We should definitely stay away from the duck pond the next time.”

Jureen with a knowing smile grabbed my arm, as we walked to the sitting room to tell mama our funny story.


Another wonderful Theme Thursday – Thank You!!!

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The Message in the Mirror #NWCU #ghosts #poetry

What voices do you hear when you look in the mirror?

She walked into a shop

steeped  in another era

scents  of old

ancient things from there


Up in a loft

she saw an ivory mirror

she held it’s loveliness

tell me what did she hear?


It was a voice

with an accent sublime

young and clear

from another time


Are you talking to me?

I hear you my dear

the young voice queries

please come a little near


Where is the woman?

no one but me

looking around

where can she be?


Then just as sweetly

she gave me a message

must be for others

what is the passage?


Tell them I love them

tell them I’m here

tell them I’m waiting

give them love and cheer


Who do I tell?

can’t you be clearer

now she was gone

the lady in the mirror

This (archived) poem is prompted by this week’s Wednesday Wake Up Call at New World Creative Union. We are asked to reflect on our ancestors. The prose is fictional but inspired by a mirror and a memory.

Painting: Waterhouse “Rosebuds while ye may”


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


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