Just a Text

“Damn you,” she clenched her fists wanting to throw her iphone, where she read his last message, against the wall.

“Are you really going to just walk out of my life after a text?”

They had met on-line. Isn’t that where everyone meets these days? Many things in common: thrill seekers, loved life, hated commitment, music, romance oh yes the list went on.

They actually met because he had tweeted lines from a favorite song. She loved that song and RT’d it. Then she responded with a line from a favorite song of her own. He happened to RT her back. This went on for weeks. Once in a while they’d exchange a few words; not much more you can do on Twitter.  One day he put up words from a song that spoke to her personally. He knew it and she knew it. Now the air was swirling with innuendo.

He wasn’t the only guy she “talked” to. There was something about his words and love for music and life. They finally started a Facebook relationship. He saw pictures of her rather than a postage stamp avatar. “You are beautiful and so athletic” he commented. The remarks about her beauty were daily. They went past her beauty to what she was wearing. She looked for ways to turn him on in text.

They discussed places and people and things and sometimes they discussed their bodies and what they would do if they were in the same time and space. The wonderful thing they both knew – there was no commitment. How can you be committed to a blip on the other end of a computer chip. So they kept chatting; little by “chatted “with went by the wayside. They were sucked in to a relationship.

“Naw that can’t be he shouted one morning. I can’t be in love with her. I don’t even know her.”  But when he thought about it he knew more about her than his ex-wife. They talked about everything in great length. He knew where the scar from her first bicycle accident was she knew when he had his first crush. They got alot more personal – he knew moles, tender spots. he knew the word to type that would drive her crazy and she? All she had to so was whisper his name in text and his heart started racing.

He couldn’t do this. What if she wasn’t who she said she was? She could be a dog. But he realized that wouldn’t matter he loved her heart though he’d never held her body. He yearned for that woman at the end of his  computer and phone.

He sent her a text: “Sorry can’t talk anymore – no commitment rule.”

She hated the fact that she would tingle when she heard from him. Now the words she had always embraced shot an arrow to her heart.

The battle had just begun. In her mind, she contrived all sorts of hateful things to post about him on Facebook. She had an arsenal of  insults in 140 characters for twitter. Her blog would carry a series of  poems lined with sadness. Her launch date – the day they met.

But – she still hoped he would change his mind before that date. She would will her iphone to buzz or beep. No cooperation. She lost her desire to chat on Twitter and Facebook.  She dreaded running into him.

It was the countdown. Tonight at midnight she would launch her retaliatory effort at his heart. She was walking into her building after lunch. It had been a good week so far. She had stopped looking at the phone and the computer screen every second of the day.

She looked great in her business casual, attire. Just then a man walked up with a bouquet of pink roses. Grabbed her arm and said “I can’t do this without you. You have become my world.”

She stared at  the man who, until this moment, had always been at the end of her computer. He was sooo much better looking than his photos. She let him sweep her up in his arms. They lost track of time as they kissed, listened to each others voices, and kissed.

Back at her office she got a text:

“Have dinner with me for the rest of our lives….”

As she cleared her computer of her “War Room”, she mused “All is fair in love and war.”

Our prompt was War. Please go to The Tenth Daughter of Memory for more War Stories.


The Push and Pull of Social Media Networking

How did Social Media Networking Pull You In?

What got you in to Social Media Networking? Was it the prospect of getting a million followers? Was it the potential of increasing your readers on your blog? Were you looking to market  those 10,000 widgets sitting on the shelf?

I would love to say I entered Social Media Networking just to meet great people. I researched to see what it could do to promote my non-profit organization for children. There was no manual or single place to amass information. I kept reading and clicking, disseminating information, and joining new groups. Look at it this way if someone had laid out a table of food and then instructed me to eat this, no eat that, now add that, finish off with that – if this were food I would be in serious trouble. Ok-  I am a Social Media glutton – at least there are fewer calories. =)

The unexpected:

Here’s what I keep hearing which I believe many people didn’t expect. We are forming friendships. People are reading my work and giving me great input. I just commented today on a scene that a friend is working on. I hope my comments help.

I am part of a tribe – wonderful talented women -who I will introduce another time cuz they deserve a blog of their own.

My non-profit is on the back burner – but as a result of social media networking – I just helped form another non-profit (still for kids just one for those with special needs.) I’m going to conferences; hopefully getting my book and future book series  out in the forefront.

Most important:

Why are we here anyway. We make money but why? Isn’t it to live? Who do we live for or with? PEOPLE!  People who have commented back to me on my first blog have all said the same thing – Social Media Networking is people are meeting people. Friendships are connecting not just in a company but in a  world that is shrinking daily.

I have friends who are finished up at SXSW they took in loads of information and they met people; names  that they will add to  their lists, their  links,  their lives.

Thanks Social Media

you have helped a lot of us make exceptional connections

Photo: Webtreats  (license Creative Commons)

Social Media Networking – Is it working?

Social Media Networking – Is it Working?

I just spoke to a writer friend who is frustrated with the promises that the Social Media world makes.

I remember when I first “dipped into” the Social Media world. I was told that it would further my cause; people all over the world would hear what I was doing.  Sounded good – so I naively went in head first.

So the question does this new form of networking actually work?

I am as interested as you (maybe more) so I am casually polling people. Sorry folks no scientifically constructed survey.

Here’s what I have found out so far:

  • People are happy with Social Networking because they are making connection; friendships are being formed  out of those connections.
  • Many of my writer friends are finding that 1) more people are reading their stuff and commenting 2) they are connecting up with some fabulous writers 3) some have joined on-line writing “tribes” 4) over time book sales are up (not in huge numbers but they are creeping up).
  • Those with similar careers are connecting and sharing information- maybe getting advice pertaining to a situation confounding them at work
  • Mom’s groups are being established.
  • I am an advocate for special needs kids and just connected with a “site” for those involved with that community.

So far it seems that Social Media Networking has a value in making CONNECTIONS

Check back- I’m going to continue to dig around and see what this Social Media Animal is all about…

Photo: Webtreats  (license Creative Commons)

Dickens – ya’ Digg?

What would writers of old do with this new technology?

What would Victor Hugo have thought of Twitter? Would he be following 10,000 by now or would he say “the ____ with those bird people.”

One of my favorite writers is Dickens. What the Dickens would he do with Tumbler other than to mix a drink? His sole use for Digg[ing] would be burying a character.

I’m certain Tolkien studied webs to get  Shelob’s lair just right. Would he take time to study – or surf the Web?

George MacDonald, a pastoral writer in the 18th century, would not understand how to write about clouds today. His clouds traversed the heather hills of Scotland.

What are today’s  writers  to do?

As a writer I ‘m told get yourself out there, become a social media maniac. I used to be a nocturnal writer now I’m a nocturnal tweeter.

Remember when windows were something you opened to let a soft breeze into your room? And a posterous would be a misspelling of something following you.

What about when you told your significant other I need “my space.” “Well honey go right ahead the computer is all yours.”

I guess a Facebook would have been one of those picture books you could stick your face or your kid’s face in.

I was talking to Derek Haines (who always manages to get named in my blogs) ; we were talking about a joint effort – in the 60s you know where that would have gone.

Do you know I am forgetting how to spell. I spell:  “great” – Gr8 ; “by the way” – BTW; ” lost in the fog” – LITF!

I’m a stickler for correct spelling but soon  my goldfish will have better spelling than me.

If I’m going to digress, I might as well share my favorite – Delicious. We used to go to the ice cream parlor get the works with gobs of stuff on top and that was delicious! How can something you can’t taste be delicious? Though some may have learned to transcend space and time and slip into a cyber world with delicious stuff – I haven’t learned that trick.

Can someone  please tell me how I can get out my window into the~ “real time?”

photo:  lanchongzi (license creative commons)