Things of the Past #agriculture #dpchallenge #drought


oiled plows

turned the ground

anticipating harvest

 Once full of life

wheat fields clapped their hands

cattle gossiped in the stalls

tractors slowed traffic

we rose before the sun

greeting the day’s challenge

rusty hinges no longer squeak

children no longer milk cows

our food is imported


The prompt for the daily post photo challenge is Relic.


I used to look upon rusty, dilapidated farms as romantic. I anticipated the change of new metal barns and air-conditioned John Deere tractors. While I lived in the agricultural center of California, I never anticipated the return of the land to desert where nothing  grows and a lye/ salt makes it impossible to grow anything but sage brush.  There is an abundance of uncultivated sagebrush land. The United States has been reliant for up to 90 percent  produce (from California) including cotton, citrus, dairy, fruit, vegetables, nuts, grapes…). The land (even with water) cannot be cultivated in a season (or a year.)

Have you noticed where your produce is coming from???

I have no qualms about buying produce from other countries except for the lack of FDA regulation on amount and type of pesticides being utilized.

Please enjoy the Relics produced by others:

photo-challenge-abandoned #haiku #photography #agriculture

busy yesterdays

windmills talking to the sky

today – silent hinges

fallfarms hinge013

Today’s prompt for the photo challenge is Abandoned. I think there is beauty and sadness in the abandoned barns in the Central Valley.

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Looking Up #photography

Cali Farming
bw reach
Air Force Memorial

bw vine

Thanks to Sonel Corner for the Black and White “Upward” photo challenge.

Photography: Windmill, Reach, Vine, View from a ball © images by L. Moon 2013

Would love to know which is your favorite shot!

Beauty so near ( a poem)

I look outside

on a clear blue day

and the farmlands

spread every which way


I look farther still

and there you see

the brown outlined

hills stand before me


But the most majestic

on a cold brisk day

the Sierras clad in glory

take my breath away


Picture taken by my camera phone. Imagine what my Nikon could do!

What’s in the view from your window? Go to Moon Boat Cafe and share your view


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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