To Unlock My Heart #napomo #poetsunited #poetry

Take caution reader of poetry!!! Poetry speaks to the heart. It is a key that unocks many feelings. You may enter one way and exit a different person

I heard the song of sorrow

swinging in the trees

“So very long”

time passed

you hung there

out of reach

releasing me

from this prison



“finding the key”

to the lock

a many keyed puzzle

lifetime’s maze


“give up”

I shout

whispered entreaty in silence

“please try”

a tear from the past

waters the soil

a buried heart

given up on life

and hope

a hand grasps

barren, corroded key

“Wait it is here!!!”

he calls from his grave

 hope turns

opens the lock

unleashes two


I weep


he smiles

 lives opened together

“joined by one key”

Believe in the conduit

of the art of poetry

dear reader

for in it

a poet can be one with the words

a reader can feel himself open

at times

 per chance

both reader and poet

for that singular moment

are united

thus the poem

 the key of many an undoing

~L. Moon

In Bondage #poetry #oneshotwednesday

I cannot use

words to express

no rhyme no reason

so sad

I confess


For I have sworn

duly so

to not reveal my heart

but this you



Were I able

I’d sing a song

dance in the moonlight

all night



In our eyes

there’d be no trace

in sorrow

or sadness

there is no place


Gladness and laughter

would fill each line

spilling in verse

no sense

of time


But I am speechless

yes it is so

for I am bound

from romance

sad –  I know

Michelangelo is my favorite sculptor. This piece (one of the captive series)  has so much feeling.

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If you  knew

what I was thinking, feeling

what would you do?

turn and walk away

reject Me

so much in there

makes no sense


understand rejection too well

should it be hidden , broadcast

nothing to be proud of


Lend me a clean slate

I’ll mess up in another way

different but still flawed

I guess I’m just meant to be …

The Rain in My Soul

The Rain

In My


No one near
No words
To make it clear
I’m feeling

Is it you

Is it me?


There’s an
hear my plea

I love the rain

does a thorough wash

But this rain
in my soul
I’d like to quash

It isn’t gentle
Isn’t sweet
It’s harsh
cruel pounding
leaves me

I hate the feeling
unable to cure
the pains
the sufferings
that others endure

Can you Watch

Can you watch?

just one more piece

of footage

ripping at your heart

a bit more with each frame

Can you stand?

the thought of knowing

there are children

who will never hear their name

Can you bear?

to see the shreds

of a crumbling paradise

Please keep watching!

stay human one more moment

don’t stop feeling

hold your hand out

as far as it will go

Stand up for the hurting!

they are close by

around the corner

don’t you know

Bear up and be strong!

for the child the woman the man

who needs your

helping hand

Love with words…

Love is such a common theme isn’t it? Love is also the most misunderstood theme.

These two poems will again try to define LOVE using words

True Love (poem by  Dave Holloway)

The waves are pounding down below me.
The sun disappears setting the night free.
Darkness enhances campfires up and down,
like glowing diamonds on a black background.

A warm wind blows into my face,
coming off the sea from a distant place.
I smile to myself, contentedness surrounds me
and ponder it’s meaning, staring out at the sea.

Then an array of thought begins to flow through.
All beautiful and loving, then I think of you,

but that slowly fades into the awesome sound
of waves crashing below on sandy ground.
Then my gaze drifts up to the far distant lights
edging the shoreline like a necklace that delights
an eternal goddess standing proud and sure,
whose breath is the wind, an enticing lure.

Love May Be Unsure (Poem by Leslie Moon)

Love may be whimsical

elusive, unsure

but it is a feeling that helps us endure

Without love we are cold

insignificant, small

we stop feeling anything at all

Love can embrace

or push away

how much better to stay

Don’t get rid of love

Remove the hurt, the harshness

bring light to remove the darkness


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


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