When We Sold Freedom #presidentsday #poetry #loveamerica


china and wash mem

It was bought bravely

two hundred years ago

Washington ably led us

through the bullets and the snow

Lincoln spoke for man’s rights

it was the Constitution’s stand

abolishing slavery

giving hope, our Forefather’s plan

It was spoken of in the streets

and across the golden waves

stronger than a concept

it ruffled in our flag

an idea worth the grasping

for a time waved tall and proud

a steel lady in a harbor

children pledged the words out loud

“I pledge Allegiance

to the flag of the United States of America

and to the Republic for which it stands

one nation under God

indivisible with liberty

and justice for all”

Freedom cannot be taken

robbed or in a New York alley sold

it is born by its people

who against tyranny are bold

it can be lost I’ve noticed

when avarice seizes the day

so sad and unbecoming

when we throw freedom away



I wrote this poem and then by chance watched the movie America– Imagine a world without her?




Main Street USA #poem #VeteransDay


I went to Main Street today

some of the old buildings

from the past century were gone

newly painted signs marked the street

boys and girls jubilant cries

mothers and fathers

sang the same favorite song

as the veterans marched by


I went to Union Square today

they always did know about celebration

stars and stripes buntings fluttered

men hawked “freedoms” wares

traffic on Market Street was blocked

the air filled with anticipation

as we heard the drums coming toward us

horses  carried their warriors proudly


I went to the “L” &  “N” street of our Golden State today

the light posts bore bear and star  stripped flags

the spacious Capitol’s  lawns

were covered with colorful chairs

some had chosen a prize spot the night before

we would honor those who had served

arm and arm as comrades

our hails and shouts they deserve


I went to Pennsylvania Ave D.C. today

imagining heroes in full uniform array

proud of the country they had served

and what I saw brought a tear to my eye

a flyer promoting something in another language

hurried past  from some weekend event

 red white and blue errant candy wrappers blew

only ghosts of veterans showed up for parades of yesterday


It is a sad commentary when your nation’s leaders look the other way for an event / holiday that celebrates the men and women who have served and protected them. I planned for the first time to attend the big event in my Nation’s Capitol, but there will be no parade today in our nation’s capitol. Veterans like myself will obviously gather around monuments for a moment of silence. I will hum the “Star Spangled Banner” and perhaps “America” with camoflaged shadows too little recognized as heroes.

I salute you who have served : Army, Air Force, Marines, Coasties and a special thanks to the men and women of the Navy who have kept our seas and skies safer…

 Each of you deserve a salute, smile and attaboy!


It’s Your Party America!!! #haiku #dailypost #4thofJuly

A red white and blue day

we celebrate freedom

grateful the flag waves


children, pool, ice cream

leaning back in our chairs

cheer fiery display


Today’s writing prompt for the Daily Post – “It’s Your Party.” How do you celebrate???

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Memorial #memorialday #sacrifice #poetry


Your footsteps

trudging in the sand

made all the difference

your sacrifice

saved many a life

gave us freedom

we fly a flag

we sing your praise

cannons boom

 never will they repay

nor can my heart  say

ample thanks

salute your bravery

for in  one moment

your sacrificial deed

made all the difference


I salute brothers and sisters who served in the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force.

Those who serve do so with a love for their country no matter the cost.

We did it for freedom for LIFE!

Her Name is Crimea #Ukraine #poetry


a yellowed, antique lace veil

shivers in the breeze

once worn by her babushka

she fingers the edges lovingly

grateful her once blue eyes

now opaque having seen too much


ancient green fields waved

once welcoming mariners

adventurers from distant lands

now scarred and impotent

 battleships crouch as lions

poised, ready for action


limp and lifeless flag

tattered blue and yellow

 an emblem of a scourged, reclaimed land

freed from cold, iron curtains

no breeze left to breathe into life

red machinations alone stir the air

Ukrainian Flag is an image I found on Andrey Bondarchuks’s facebook page. by Kaska Szapska.

All For Freedom (Flash Fiction)

For more flash fiction go to Monkey Man

I am part of a group starting a new site for poets.

We hope to create a writer’s community.

Ck us out at One Shot Poetry

They heard the tat tat tat of gunfire,

felt the ground tremble,

watched a pathetic swatch of cloth wave

with stars, stripes, red ,whites, blues

all for freedom.

Thanks to Walk a Dog for the American Flag




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