Under the Freeway #poetry

Roosevelt quote pen


We are limited by future’s doubts

truth’s wall said something once

the words worn off

time does that

when we don’t listen

the mindless fool errodes


messages in spray paint

educated on the street

children play under the freeway

the people live in a cloud

breathing the fumes of lies

today is the tomorrow we feared



The prompt at Poets United Mid -Week motif is Foolishness.


Justice #poetry #politics


pronounce it anyway you like

accent or not

it has been served up

as a pig’s head on a platter


Wielded like a four letter word

between the sheets

as a man takes what is “his”


Falls with steel-like force

in one swift move

obliterating life in its path


Is bandied about

by men who think they know

something about the law


Fails to meet the mark

for the common man

the one who needs it the most


In days when it is needed the most, where has it flown???

The Inheritance #microfiction

She’d known it the moment he walked in the door from work. It was the stain of pink lipstick that she always laundered or the scent of Beautiful captive on his wrinkled tailored shirt. It was different. Today his eyes said something they had never said in the brief months they had been married. They spoke of desire and excitement and …

“Why did he marry me? Obviously not for  my loving dedication.” she wanted to pound in frustration on his chest but she dutifully told him “dinner will be ready in half an hour dear!”
She tried to keep up the small talk during dinner.
She moved the food around her plate. As she was putting a slice of homemade apple pie in front of him she asked “So was it good?”

“What the meal? Sure it was fine.”
” No – the sex, her…”
“What” he looked at her with a look of anger but he couldn’t mask the other. Admission…
“Caught ya (again) ” her look implied.
In that moment she knew something else it was her inheritance that he had married her for.
“What a fool” she thought.
Her friends several years ago had created a fable that she would inherit a great deal of money when her grandfather died.
It was true she would inherit a small house, but that was not worth a huge amount of money.
The fable had died when an old lover had admitted that he wanted her for her money.
The friends stopped the rumors – they knew all along this guy was no good. She always wondered if that was why they had created the tale.
“How had Jake gotten wind of this ridiculous tale?”
“Fool” she smirked again.
She decided to play a bit of cat and mouse
“I believe this length of time calls for an annulment.
The good news you won’t have to support me at all.
I will go to a lawyer tomorrow.”
“No wait why it was a mere flirtation she means nothing!”
“Neither do I – you probably spent more time undressing her than you do in our entire lovemaking.”
“But that is not why…”
“Go have your women you will be free to dally.”
“I don’t want free I want a family with you…”

“You can find some bimbo tomorrow who will have your brats.”

She called her best friend, packed her bags, and drove off in her old,rusty Chevy Malibu. That night she never looked back.

He kicked himself for being such a fool. He should have waited until they had a child or two.

He got the blond one pregnant. She was ok looking and her family had a little property.

Then he saw her his ex-wife. She was beautiful driving a red Jaguar XKE.

She looked happy.

He heard her grandfather had recently died and left her with the little house which happened to be sitting on top of oil.

She had millions and any man she wanted.

“What a fool I was” he shouted to no one at all.


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


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