Happy 4th of July #Independenceday #haiku

flag at air and space


fly red white and blue

still standing  for freedom

nation under God

Happy Fourth of July to the United States of America!

star spangled

Autonomy is the one word prompt for WordPress today. What could be more autonomous than a country like America that has always encouraged free speech, freedom of ideas, freedom to create, freedom to rely on oneself?

“The Truth shall set you free!”


All For Freedom (Flash Fiction)

For more flash fiction go to Monkey Man

I am part of a group starting a new site for poets.

We hope to create a writer’s community.

Ck us out at One Shot Poetry

They heard the tat tat tat of gunfire,

felt the ground tremble,

watched a pathetic swatch of cloth wave

with stars, stripes, red ,whites, blues

all for freedom.

Thanks to Walk a Dog for the American Flag