Beyond Abuse #poetry #art #abuse

national gallery dog

dog eared pages

leaf through journal

too many wounded whispers

tears spilt in heavenly petition

hearse turns the corner

 cut on cracked window

suffer not, leap of faith

no crying over turned milk

wounds will heal

I whistle for man’s best friend

fresh are the page’s delight



From Dawn to Dusk #poetry #photography

Dawn you rise brilliant and fine

your fingertips stretch

touching each end of the world

with your color rising smile


Day you warm and chide

reminding us of the tasks that must be done

you move us along with your blues skies

puffy clouds dance with your minstrels


Dusk oh dusk you mirror my moods

grabbing at the last rays

mingling them with my tears

closing the curtain for act two

What They Gave To Save The World #Normandy #D-Day #WW2

They didn’t know it

at the time

so much of life

left behind


a sweetheart’s

lips never kissed

unsaid words

“you will be missed”


when duty called

 that cold bleak day

without a thought

life given away


Can you hear

the battle shake

souls and hearts

 earth that quakes?


And yet fear

bravely set aside

as many fell

nothing left to find


Our lives

have been profoundly touched

by those

whose sacrifice gave so much


field enshrouds a memory

of lives unfurled

 hearts marched on

 to save the world


I repost this archived poem in tribute to those who fought on that day.

I have read several harrowing stories about this day. A risk, a turning point, such sacrifice.

Thanks for the wonderful shot of Normandy

Believe #atozchallenge #poetry #photography

This month I am joining with a host of talent who are participating in the A to Z challenge.  What a treat when you bring artisans together. I Believe in the beauty of all the arts.

Hear birds soft trill

believe in nature’s call

Watch the eagle’s elegant flight

believe in the wind

Touch the soft velvet petal

believe in new awakenings

Open your eyes to the dawn

believe in the Sun

Smile at birth’s first cry

believe in life’s wonder

Tingle at a finger tip touch

believe in new beginnings

Laugh at  childhood’s silliness

believe in mirth

Kiss passion’s lips

believe in love’s warmth

Dance under the moon

believe in life’s seasons

Laugh til you drop

believe in friendship

Hold another’s tear

believe life has its reasons…

To Live

This photograph was taken in my backyard. I believe even moss can be beautiful.  Taken with my iphone copyright L. Moon 2011

Recycled Tears

Too many to catch

an abundant flowing

pours over the sides

insensible constant rain

with that volume is there knowing?

sadly no

the “haves” see little of the “have nots”

they will understand only when they too feel the pain

never save up sorrow for tomorrow

cast it freely at today

for then maybe just perhaps

we can end this plentiful pain

Sadly though poverty, homelessness, food shortages are on a steep rise many are only aware when they arrive at the state of “have not” themselves.

This photography comes from public domain/stock photography

Merciless are the Hands of Time

Peering into the bottom of her glass

evoked a smirk

it was empty

hands of time bent


Looking into the sky

dreams had soared there

crashed in a wingless hulk

no future for the golden chimes


Grasping hands

perfunctory joy

meaningless melted failure

life’s promised sands


captivating laughter

floated on the air

heart climbing from the  ruin

“tick tock” mimicked beats


Realizing too late

the last, the sickest joke

believing for one breath

time stopped to care

This poem is in response to my friend Shay’s excellent perspective of Free Verse at which she excels. Join us at One Stop Poetry as we toot our kazoos.