Set Free #Easter

Easter Lily

Beckons white Easter Lily

pure and undamaged by life

something I can never be

I am shadowed beyond the light


Future seeks to make me clean

hands that were nail driven

into my heart has seen

not judged I’m forgiven


from sin’s wrongs righted

my savior the lamb

and I unblighted

like the lily I am


to dance free in life

swing into the wind

with birds take joy in flight

as the willow I bend


Today is Easter a day to be reminded that we are bought with a precious price – that of the life of Jesus. The Son of God takes our sin upon himself that we might be free. In a world so fraught with fear, anger, even terror, it is nice to have this lamb to burrow into his wooly coat of peace and protection.

May you know the freedom of forgiveness this day – Happy Easter!

easter bunny



I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them. ” Isaiah 42:16


“For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.” Rev 7:17


“But with you there is forgiveness; therefore you are feared.”

Psalm 130:4


Many thanks to the Poets at Poets United who daily inspire.


Strengthened by your love #poetry #valentine’sday


Words I write in moon light

Strengthened by your love

Captive of the morn’s night

Words reflect in moon light

Captive of the morn’s night

Set free like dawn’s dove

Words inscribed in moon light

Strengthened so by love

This Triolet is dedicated to lovers on Valentine’s Day and to the Moon!

Poet’s United prompt this week is Committed 

Killing me softly #atoz #flashfiction

the words and intent

too long

angst flow now thru my fingertips

run away from my heart

I urge the poison placed

like acid there for nigh too long


killing who I had been

i air out my soul

i glimpse what I lost

now that I am

myself regained



ing free


Today is an offering of fiction in a mere 55 words a la G-Man.
I continue my quest with other writers taking the  a to z challenge this being the letter “K”

Not on the Note Pad #Flashfiction

You look  into my eyes so much trust,  more hope.

Peering over my glasses into blue tear filled eyes.

What can I do to erase the tears ~

where sorrow lays?

I look at my note pad – it’s empty!

no answers

only questions

Suddenly I feel tears

Your tears are now mine

you are set free

It’s another week of Friday 55 Flash Fiction hosted by the coast to coast host – G-Man. Join us as we write fiction in 55 words.

Thanks for the photograph: Quinn Dombrowski

Trapped in the Mirror #oneshotwednesday

Hidden from view
My heart from you
Not round the next corner
No where to be found

Pick up the pieces
If that’s what pleases
You will never find me
In this shattered mosaic

I was lost long ago
How I don’t know
Faded in the mirror
No one looked then

You caught a piece of my eye
As you were sadly walking by
How you saw it
Remains a mystery

“Come out from there
You look sad, ensnared
Let me look at you
Make you smile”

He talked and made me look
read to me a book
Vowed to never leave
We were all we had

Then one day
It’s hard to say
What happened
to  the walls of my jail

I was set free
He fell to his knee
Entreating me
To live my life with him

I will gladly roam
With him my home
I am captive no more
the dungeon in the mirror

Please join us as we enjoy another week of fabulous poetry at One Stop Poetry. All are welcome to share their words of inspiration. Claudia Schoenfeld will be our host.

Desire Unfulfilled (Flash Fiction)

Looking into his eyes

she wanted to comb through his thick hair.

Her fingertips stroked his cheek.

His lips conveyed unspoken love

The top button of his shirt taunted her

“unbutton me


Desires are taut.

If only he could feel her caress,

return her touch.

Would they ever be free

from his


For more Flash Fiction go to the G-Man

Come play

Do you ever hear the sea beckoning you to play to let yourself go?  The sea is powerful and gentle, strong yet subtle. I am convinced you can never get enough of the sea.

The waves are calling

give up your day


come now and play


The wind

whips  my hair

plasters  clothes

that I wear


I am free to be me

I can scream


and  dream


Lift me up

as you dance

time for us

for romance


By the sea

in the dunes

hide me

shadow of the moon


Set me free

from all cares

hold me close

do you dare?

Photo: “As free as the wind” by Jody McNary

License Creative Commons

The Glass

Many of you should be able to relate to this poem as you go by the window at the pet store.

Some of us have soft hearts and would love to adopt every animal in the glass.

The Glass

Its between

you and me

please set me free

I like

your face

want to be in your place

I don’t

want to be on display

rather come out to play


take me home

where I can roam