World Race #atoz #flashfiction #Rodin

I didn’t realize there was a world race for the discovery which my colleagues and I had spent the better part of our lifetime researching.

Yes there could be money, recognition…

but that is not why

Does a singer have to sing?  

an artist sculpt or paint?

We had to discover

we were so close…

My world as a child was the think tank of Stanford University. My mind filled with science. While most kids were putting together Tinker Toys, I was studying bones (really old bones.) I got my break – the opportunity to work in medical research starting at the age of 13 (they kinda fudged on my age.) I saw and learned much. Scientific discoveries seemed to be made every day…

This is a flash fiction for my friend Galen aka Mr Know it All who has been in the hospital. Get well soon G-man.

and this is “W” for the wrap up week of the A to Z challenge.

Photography: Public Domain picture of Rodin’s sculpture “The Burghers  of Calais “in front of the Stanford Quad


Meet me at the Quad #atozchallenge #stanford #flashfiction

The note was cryptic all it said was:” meet me at the quad.”

“The Quad” I mused where so many discussions had taken place.

As scientists, we had seen the world through a different aperature

viewed things few would ever see…

“Who is it I am to meet?” I stood looking at a name in stone.


The Stanford Quad is an historic place for myself and many others. If your know anything about Stanford University as an institute for higher learning it was ( and is ) the place where rules were broken and new discoveries emerged. I am going to break a rule and extend this story into next Friday Flash Fiction 55. Please forgive me this one time Mr G.

I am also submitting this piece to the month long A to Z challenge that I am part of. Today’s challenge was “Q” and coming up with a Q was a challenge…

Sea Worthy #flashfiction

My dream had always been to sail around the world but not like…

A storm was raging

Screaming for  help pointless

no one

stomach filled with salt water

no control of the helm

no horizon

is this all?









I had sailed to the end of the world

weekly I participate in a flash fiction in 55 words. I have enjoyed the challenge and I believe my writing is better (at least more succint). G-Man is the host of this meme ck it out here.


Cold Case #flashfiction

I was days before my proposal for the multimillion dollar grant

I always cleaned to calm jangling nerves

So I went to the basement  of the place I was subletting from a friend

Surprising a med student had time to organize

A box toppled cascading bones everywhere

No wonder he was top of his  class


I realized this 55 would be a great prequel to my last week’s 55. Who knows what will fall or be tagged next Friday ( hopefully only fiction )


Thanks to G-Man who weekly keeps the masses entertained and hosts an excellent site for Friday Flash Fictioners

I accessed the photo from Stock Photography

Damaged Goods #poetry #flashfiction

It hung limply

collar-bone unnaturally protruded

sockets where lights had beamed

dangled with no spark

fingers that had grasped another’s in trust

Clear notes like fine crystal

hopes of Opera

smoky bars and sleazy dumps

croaking semblance of sound




DOA the tag on her toe hung from under a cold  lifeless sheet

Flash Fiction certainly isnt DOA as it is in the capable hands of the host G-Man. Who tho on the road manages 55 words none-the-less

Graced by Her Face

It looked back at me

from an earlier time

Who is she?

The lips curled in a familiar smile

It was not so long ago

that we shared this face

come on a journey

with your fingers trace

Little ones holding hands

laughter filling the air

never put away

the love that you freely shared

 This was a practice piece for a portrait my mother did of my son and I.

 Memories fill the air when you look back on the past and who you once were.

Thanks to G-Man for hosting yet another week of Flash Fiction where the only thing that gets between you and a masterpiece is the number of words you are allotted. Happy Friday!

***To those of you who are faithful friends and writers – please forgive my absence over the past several months. I am in the midst of a major change. I am enjoying the life of a transient and though my writing abounds my time when a computer is available does not.

Hidden in the Garden #flashfiction

There they were peeking out from under the green foliage

red against the green so distinct

a little worn but they reminded me of my youth ( laying things here and there)

then your smile joined mine for a moment

your white hair and wrinkles were no disguise for the young heart hidden in the garden

Once again ~ Flash Fiction in 55 words – always a challenge no kinder host will you find in G-Man!


For those of you who regularly visit my site please forgive me for being remiss on my blogsite. I am the throws of publishing and along with that am part of the Kindle Book Review team oh and am gathering speed for my thesis so I am swamped to say the least….

Thanks to Rachel Cowen for the photo of the Red Slippers

“I Need Some Blood… ” #flashfiction #halloween #blood

…She said her beautiful white fangs that glistened in contrast to her black cape.

“It won’t hurt much.   I need  a few drops, a small sample.”

“Put me out of my misery” I screamed as they tied me down, prepared the concoction, drawing the syringe back

this will be the end…



( Today I had a root canal; I would have done anything to relieve the pain – well almost)

thanks to G-Man for hosting yet another episode of  Friday Flash Fiction

Life is Here… #FlashFiction

You are the source of life for our people.

We gather here as one people, purify, make offerings… burn our dead

send little lights  on ripples hoping they will magnify into blessings

waves with no answers return

brown filth flows to our shore

from which our children drink deep

this is the life of the river…

thanks to G-Man the host of the weekly 55 Friday Flash Fiction


photo attribution:

There’s no place like … #flashfiction #oz

The heel clicking worked perfectly to get me home (via cab)

I didn’t plan on guests however.

What does a girl with red shoes do with a…

sobbing lion

squeaky man of tin

messy straw man?

When all else fails throw the red shoes off , replace with: black shoes, black hat and a maniacle cackle.


Photography courtesy of Moondustwriter ~”Red Shoes” copyright 2011

Thanks to G-Man for the weekly fun and challenge of writing a tight write in 55. Go see for yourself and join the challenge.