Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… #poetry

snow dust

Sun stands still

blazing rays drink deeply

I keep walking


good to know you’ve got a friend

no matter what the time the season

bone chilled or sun filled days

someone on whom you can depend


warm and welcome winter’s lantern

a shelter from sheer dark and cold

a hand to lead  through the snow fields

at days end the embers burn


so sweet and sunny are my dear friends

open door to veranda’s green

summer always springs eternal

love’s smile faithful fragrance send

yellow rose

No matter the season we all need friends. The folks at Poet’s United are friends for all seasons. The prompt today is summer or winter/ Solstice

Enjoy James Taylor singing “You’ve got a Friend”


Staccato #poetry #devotion #photography

quickly you crack the whip

knocking over what was once precious

valuables turned to dust

your mark permanent

quickly you crack the whip

over me you lord superiority

dealing the final card

I have lost everything

quickly you crack the whip

mutilated beyond recognition

all that’s left is a pool of blood

you were once my friend

In the Bible, James 3 talks about the tongue:

” But no human being can tame the tongue.It is a restless evil full of deadly poison.”

Unbridled, our tongue can be quick to lash out perhaps destroying another with our words. What would the world today be like if everyone used their words to soothe and encourage? It can start with us.

“Love provided me with a tongue and tears”

~ Gibran

Give me love

flowing stream in the desert

words of kindness


Devotion shared with Godinterest

Long to Belong #poetry #photography #friends

Two, Never the same

 somehow always connected

your laugh is mine

something distance can never claim

the waves of life crash

and then recede

carrying tales of long ago

on pages past

As I sat by his side

I saw your eyes

so full of other worlds

soon carried out by the tide

 we’ve had to endure

life’s many storms

 friends bound by fate

 forever sisters

(of that I am sure)

Thanks to Poet’s United for the prompt Best Friend. Last week I had the honor of sharing sweet memories with my best friend’s dad. A man (and family) who made my life whole.


“We’ll  be Friends Forever, wont we, Pooh?” Piglet asked.

“Even longer.” Pooh answered.

A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

Cyrilla -The Woman in the Mist #poetry #nationalpoetrymonth

Taken by surprise I see her

the woman in the mist

a smile fused with love

Reaching out to her

I grasp a small hand

the woman in the mist

we walk and talk about life’s ups and downs

she listens as she always has

the woman in the mist

of my loss she understands

I awaken from a beautiful dream

that is springlike warm and green

the woman in the mist

she queries of her boys

and her heart’s desire

I assure her they are fairing well

the woman in the midst

our time escapes too soon

I will wait another year

for a moment with a friend so dear

the woman in the mist

Dedicated to my friend Cyrilla whose birthday we celebrate her memory will never fade from those she loves

What Can I Do??? #homeless #non-fiction #relief

I can not sit by

doing nothing

my friend she needs help

and the  wee one too

living in a shelter

well they did

the count down has begun

another woman takes her number

next in line for a few weeks

it’s a rotating door you see

more needs than people to help

not enough numbers

for those in line

more children with nothing

no unspoken for coats

as winter ensues

I too have no job

I have been offered a roof

a place to lay my head

and not worry about tomorrow’s


except for the trial in my heart

What can I do for her????

Please tell me


This is not fiction – I just got an email from a person who is one of us. You have read her in blogs or tweeted her on Twitter she is without a thing.

Desperate Run #oneshotwednesday #poetry

It was  all a bit too haunting

clouds off the Black Sea coast

an evening to remember

each thing carefully selected by our host

lulled by Russian stories

from a war long ago

enjoying new friendships

so much we wanted to know

The storm came in a fury

we dined in an elegant tent

winds were upon us

the canvas torn and rent

Our host had seen such terror

in the youth of his life

as he looked upon his dearest

I saw him fear for her life

This tent could not protect us

but where were  we to go

unto an open field

heeled legs burdensome and slow

No light to guide

except from pitch black sky

running in no direction

lightening tendrils did magnify

It Came down right before me

blasting the energy box

sparks lept before us

we thought that she was lost

Don’t ask me  all that  happened

that frightening stormy night

I fail to remember

all the horrors in our flight

A storm in a country

we didn’t call our own

we couldn’t speak the language

it certainly wasn’t home

but this I will remember

of that storm of that time

he saved us each from danger

this brave new friend of mine

Join us for One Shot Wednesday an opportunity to share your poetry with a community of excellent writers.

Changing Tide (55 Flash Fiction)

They walked upon the changing tide

together all the way

up and downs of life

grew hard with each new day

today was high seas

tomorrow calm

tempestuous gray

light, breezy blue

feelings changed

time moved

bits grew tired ,

mean, hard to mend

the sand understanding and forgiving

became a kind-hearted friend

This is a Flash Fiction story. We write stories in 55 words for the Flash master G-Man aka Mr. Know-it-all.

Come join us for the fun and challenge.

Photo: “Ebb and Flow – SF Bay”  L. Moon

A Shadow of My Love

This poem is dedicated to a dear friend, Jean, who is suffering late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.

“We don’t love you less though your memories of us are poor. You will always shine a light into our hearts.”

I awoke with a dream of you in my eyes

watching you took my breath away

I wanted you to be mine


I never grew tired of watching you

everyday to awake

the word “I love you” on my lips

knowing you were mine


I didn’t mind that your hair turned frosty gray

or that wrinkles lined your face

you were still mine


I visit you daily my dear

there’s  but a shadow of our love

I still cherish your smile vacant tho it may be

tho you don’t know it

you are still mine

Thank you Allegra Ricci for the poignant picture