Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… #poetry

Sun stands still blazing rays drink deeply I keep walking *** good to know you’ve got a friend no matter what the time the season bone chilled or sun filled days someone on whom you can depend * warm and welcome winter’s lantern a shelter from sheer dark and cold a hand to lead  through theContinue reading “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… #poetry”

Staccato #poetry #devotion #photography

quickly you crack the whip knocking over what was once precious valuables turned to dust your mark permanent quickly you crack the whip over me you lord superiority dealing the final card I have lost everything quickly you crack the whip mutilated beyond recognition all that’s left is a pool of blood you were once my friendContinue reading “Staccato #poetry #devotion #photography”

Long to Belong #poetry #photography #friends

Two, Never the same  somehow always connected your laugh is mine something distance can never claim the waves of life crash and then recede carrying tales of long ago on pages past As I sat by his side I saw your eyes so full of other worlds soon carried out by the tide  we’ve hadContinue reading “Long to Belong #poetry #photography #friends”

Cyrilla -The Woman in the Mist #poetry #nationalpoetrymonth

Taken by surprise I see her the woman in the mist a smile fused with love Reaching out to her I grasp a small hand the woman in the mist we walk and talk about life’s ups and downs she listens as she always has the woman in the mist of my loss she understandsContinue reading “Cyrilla -The Woman in the Mist #poetry #nationalpoetrymonth”

Desperate Run #oneshotwednesday #poetry

It was  all a bit too haunting clouds off the Black Sea coast an evening to remember each thing carefully selected by our host lulled by Russian stories from a war long ago enjoying new friendships so much we wanted to know The storm came in a fury we dined in an elegant tent windsContinue reading “Desperate Run #oneshotwednesday #poetry”

Looking for… ( #poetry)

Seeking approval of… a lover a friend an intellect   *** no one to… gaze into my eyes at the stars into my soul *** Tell me… I’m talented speak words of love meaning *** Won’t someone share… life with me dreams todays tomorrows *** Come write a … symphony a treatise a legacy aContinue reading “Looking for… ( #poetry)”

Changing Tide (55 Flash Fiction)

They walked upon the changing tide together all the way up and downs of life grew hard with each new day today was high seas tomorrow calm tempestuous gray light, breezy blue feelings changed time moved bits grew tired , mean, hard to mend the sand understanding and forgiving became a kind-hearted friend This isContinue reading “Changing Tide (55 Flash Fiction)”

A Shadow of My Love

This poem is dedicated to a dear friend, Jean, who is suffering late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. “We don’t love you less though your memories of us are poor. You will always shine a light into our hearts.” I awoke with a dream of you in my eyes watching you took my breath away IContinue reading “A Shadow of My Love”


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