“N” is for new #atozchallenge #children

children played mothers watched siblings pumped water all was well with the world it’s a new setting no more fists flying soccer balls in the air new relationships on the horizon   This land is filled with anger and frustration. What a great day when children of all ages play instead of fight. My eyesContinue reading ““N” is for new #atozchallenge #children”

Beneath the Past #poetry

I touched a place I hadn’t wandered in a year my ten-year old me painful memories so near I meandered through a wood it had been too long I lay beneath the breeze heard familiar old songs I looked for a friend gone too long ago she reached out her hand and took me inContinue reading “Beneath the Past #poetry”

The Amputee #poetry

It was cold down there where my leg once hung I never talked to my limbs now I hold long conversations with something that is forever gone We made memories palled around as friends we were a team you and I well we were I guess good things all have to end Think about “Us”Continue reading “The Amputee #poetry”

Make a Wish #birthdays #poetry

So many bright memories when we were young if I could  pull one string memories would unravel and sing Your favorite cake cut, 16 pieces somehow shattered the moment no one could understand inside you cried kaleidoscopic do they turn island letters on soup can labels and crushes on boys such are a young girl’s toys the merry-go-round upContinue reading “Make a Wish #birthdays #poetry”

Gone Are Those Days #photography #poetry #dpchallenge

Gone are summer’s days many voices many sounds where we played in sun’s rays children all around Never forgotten are the ones who with wag give  crisp autumn  smiles lost season’s sag   Gone is winter’s stormy pain your fingers drew a daggered edge angled at my heart free once more to fledge   Never forgottenContinue reading “Gone Are Those Days #photography #poetry #dpchallenge”

Where is Tomorrow??? #devotion #poetry #photography

What shelf is broad enough to place my burdens and my pains? what jug deep, wide and stout my tears won’t wash away? Where can I lay my head a little rest to gain? your hand I reach for in the night and beg you please to stay * I wander in the shadows now not sureContinue reading “Where is Tomorrow??? #devotion #poetry #photography”

Harvest Celebration #november #poetry #harvest

   all the machinery is oiled  tucked away for another year hands are chapped and stained jeans are beyond repair long lines of  jars are waiting for papa to put away * the air is filled with spice and the kids are keen tonight we bundle up jars of corn,potatoes, and beans  given as an offeringContinue reading “Harvest Celebration #november #poetry #harvest”

The Smiles You Left Behind #poetry #blogging #bloggingfriends

you stopped by to say “hi” today I watched you as you left a petal so fragrant I could not soon forget you skipped in moon dust today fingers drew smiley faces I wanted to retrace your fairy foot paces you commented on my blog today one moment you spent a ray of sunshine youContinue reading “The Smiles You Left Behind #poetry #blogging #bloggingfriends”

My Friend the Tree #childhood #poetry #photography

∧ Once a friend was a tree sometimes it was a “she” while other times it was a “he” I looked up to you and I sang to my heart’s content you never minded all the time that we spent Had you a person been you would have complained when on your limbs I climbed and playedContinue reading “My Friend the Tree #childhood #poetry #photography”


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