Under the Tree #merrychristmas #poetry


as a child I would dream

of ribbons and bows

imagine the contents

things hidden, unseen

now I crinkle the paper

of my inner thoughts

so much more in the meaning

than the things that Ive bought

impoverished  the soul

for those fearing to live

take your pallet and walk

only Jesus could give

There is nothing incorrect

in such love for a world

for the lost He was born

offering nothing untoward

so this year I want Jesus

under my tree

Christ soon is coming

to save you and save me


hope is revived

for unto us a child is born

all is well

I wish each of you the hope of peace. It is not an offering that a world leader can make – the cost is too high.

Merry Christmas to all!





God Molded A Child #mothersday

a bit of laughter

a touch of spunk

He mixed in some boy

with some other stuff

and last he added

a handful of love

this boy was sent

~a gift from God above

A tribute to all mothers who have big boys, little boys, and  oh those girls!  We cherish each day we see our child’s smiles and the miles of tears we shed – all in a day’s work.

This Day

We wait all year

for this one day dear

goes by so fast

think of moments

in the past

filled our hearts with cheer

memories of love pictures so clear

friends and family

surprise under green

little eyes sparkling

presents and food

were all in the mood

one memory remains through the year

a baby

a stable

A world  in fear

one child brought hope

hope to a world

lest we  fail to recall

the gift given for all