Through the Glass #photography #haiku #poetry


we crossed paths at dawn you and I

you in search of anything that might satisfy

 gnawing of winter’s constant hunger


the cold seemed little impediment

there was something in doe eyes

that determination could not disguise


I could not reach you through cold glass

I willed a full belly to break repast

my hands empty of all but understanding


you caught me in your eye

too close to blink away surprise

we crossed paths at dawn you and I

ice crystals

Through the glass

a world beyond frozen dreams

more than meets the eye

Today’s prompt at Poet’s United Midweek Motif is Glass .


“People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross




The Lapse of Life #poetry #photography

In one moment, one blink, life can be extinguished. Grasp at the pieces before they are no longer.


Hurled out into oblivion

the pieces of my past

I cannot catch them

they fly much too fast


I am now but a fragment 

of my existent self

look at the pieces

place them on life’s shelf


what’s gone in a moment

speed elapsed spin

I will never be

that person ~ myself again


you saved a handful

of glass you say

throw it to Heaven

it’s the end of Earth’s Day

Photography “Broken” copyright 2010~ L. Moon

Shattered (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)

This poem is written specifically for One Shot Wednesday. What is 1  Shot??? It’s a new site where poets can link their poems and get feedback. Our goal is to establish a community of writers to encourage  each other and to create more blog visibility for each writer. Please stop by One Shot

My life broke today

or was it yesterday?

pain seems to last beyond yesterdays

it infringes itself on my todays


I couldn’t stop the breaking

the pieces are scattered

never to be regained

maybe a few pieces were salvaged

most are gone

some stuck to you


My heart froze like glass

so when you took a hammer

it shattered readily

like a mirror


a mirror that reflects upon you

was that a callous gesture I behold?

what I see in that mirror

was not there once upon a time


take my pieces and go

what you take with you

died long ago


don’t worry about the mess

I have the remainder of a lifetime

to pick up the pieces

of my shattered dreams

*  -*  -* – * -* -*-*-*-*-*

Thank You to Philip Bitnar for the great broken glass picture


Through the Glass

He saw her through the glass

She – lovely, young

dressed in white array

flowing and soft

she danced and swayed

with the light she played


she stood in the sun

azure eyes twinkled

hopes of love and life

outline of her body young

hair caught the light

his heart was undone


power in her essence

her face a glow

he stepped into the light

captivated by a kind voice

he radiated delight

serenely she took his hand

they walked into the sunset

no longer alone


Thanks to Robert Bouza for the photograph (Lic: Creative Commons)

The Glass

Many of you should be able to relate to this poem as you go by the window at the pet store.

Some of us have soft hearts and would love to adopt every animal in the glass.

The Glass

Its between

you and me

please set me free

I like

your face

want to be in your place

I don’t

want to be on display

rather come out to play


take me home

where I can roam


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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