Cast Off #poetry #photography

Today I cast off my dreams

leaving them on yesterday’s wake

did I have the perfect form

or was I making a mistake


today I waded deep into sorrow

jigsaw puzzle pieces mismatched

wishing I could ignite the driftwood

you were reality’s dreadful catch


today I danced to a new beat

loosened my hair into the breeze

laughed away yesterday’s tight rope

casting-off from you an ease

surfing hmb


Pampas Grass- susuki #haiku #california #photography

pampas grass

 pennant in sea breeze

free to wave away the tide

unaffected by change


 a hat or a blade

we built a fort in your  glade

through cut, we unafraid

Pampas grass grows wild along the California coastline. Plume -like beauty from a distance masks the blade-like sharpness of its leaves.

Pampas Grass is today’s Carpe Diem’s prompt


Hold me …Tight #poetry #photography

you looked down

into celestial colored eyes

like yours

sparks flew

long into the night



you -bigger than life

I so unsure

your hand took mine

each day

a new delight


“Hang on”

you said

“never let go”

I couldn’t

you held me so tight


“Come  fly

with me baby”

you took me

to the stars

what a sight


I look at my hand


by you

sparks still remain

embers of  light


where did you go

without me?

you took

a piece of me

on your lonely flight


one look in my eyes

you and me


for the stars

holding on ~ tight

There is a story behind the location in the pictures (where I learned to swim in the surf, build sand castles and love.) Thanks to Raed Shomali for Pescadero the top pic. Please have a look at his work- he is fantastic photographer. You can also find him on Twitter @shomali11

The sunset was taken, with my iphone,  Half Moon Bay area while I was driving  ( umm yes multitasking).  Location wise they are the same piece of coast line.