What Would We do Without Water? #hydration #health #elderlyissues #atozchallenge

Most of my clients don’t need to pump their own water though some are on well water. I recently got a call from adopted family in Africa. ” My wife is sick and the baby is bloated.There are no resources and no medicine and the hospitals are out of reach.” Have your wife lay downContinue reading “What Would We do Without Water? #hydration #health #elderlyissues #atozchallenge”

Fragile #Elderly #atozchallenge

 fragile skin fall crackles beneath feet blue eye question  sky hidden behind clouds arms reach for emptiness wind blows yesterday your toes wave at me another good day *** People may not know it but skin is a barrier to disease and in the elderly skin is a battle front.  Broken Skin breaks and tearsContinue reading “Fragile #Elderly #atozchallenge”

Days Before Lemonade #poetry #health

Squeezed out and fresh lemons are such a sour fruit and when in reference to a car  a dud, should be given the boot But we were speaking of health “an apple a day” anything to keep the doctor away “At 20 I was a lemon” she said “I turned yellow at 30” my reply we jokedContinue reading “Days Before Lemonade #poetry #health”

Life Giving Green #aomugi #haiku #health #spring

This haiku (in bold) is written by Sono-jo, a haiku poetess and pupil of Buson on grasses and leaves in Spring: te wo nobete ori-yuku haru no kusaki kani as I go along, stretching out my hand and plucking the grasses and leaves of Spring **  Catch the waving breeze green head of the barleyContinue reading “Life Giving Green #aomugi #haiku #health #spring”

Honey Where Are You? (Flash Fiction#Alzheimers)

I looked today turned around What did you say Did you make a sound “Honey I love you” I heard her say With all we’d been through My memories at times seem so far away ************************************ After speaking with a dear friend whose wife is captive in Alzheimer’s, I was inspired to write this FictionContinue reading “Honey Where Are You? (Flash Fiction#Alzheimers)”

Were you having sex in the 60s???

Just read an interesting health article about Baby Boomers and sex. Yes those of us from the Baby Boomer era are aging but there is good news. If sex was good in the 1960s, it can be great when you are hitting 60. Why not? People are healthier and living longer. Older women are datingContinue reading “Were you having sex in the 60s???”


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