A Memory “M” #atozchallenge #poetry



Loose letters

compose a written memory…

“Look back

to a fragrant past 

but sadly one that didn’t last

not a promising future

there will never be

removing that circular band

you set me free.”

 tear streamed  I walk

facing heartache of the day

why so long did I stay?

circling about the regrets

I write on a page

ripping the fluttering story

 journal of myself now dead

handing it back to him

the answer circled in red

he had held on

hoping to gain

once again control

“Look back scoundrel

to a shattered past 

but sadly one that didn’t last

you broke it once

so hold it near

pieces of golden band

is all that’s dear”


 Metaphor: A comparison that is made directly or indirectly, but in any case without pointing out the similarity by using words such as: like, as, or than,


What do you think the metaphor in this poem is???


“One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.”

A.A. Milne

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

Wow we are half way through the A to Z challenge. How are you holding up???


I Read Between The Lines #poetry #photography

between the lines

I read between the lines

still there was nothing

I read between the lines

and felt you slip away


there was nothing

was there ever?

I read between the lines

your first love letter

I know now

it was written to her

I read between the lines

and felt you slipping

from fingers that never stirred

never were loved by you

and I ask the question

Photography: “Between The Lines” copyright 2012 L. Moon

Shards of Love #poetry

Shattered pieces of us

unmendable puzzle

love’s memories are left

none remain to hold us

what is left my love?



a calderon of desire on one shore

unspoken words on another

separated by more than space and time

our hearts will never be repaired

shards     of     love    ripped     through      you      and      I……………………..





















Photography Copyright 2011 “Pieces”  L. Moon

Extinguished … #poem

He will never read

the notes in her heart

His cold love

already warm

in the arms of another


She will never

feel the passion of love

it shattered like ice

before she could

unveil a beating heart


He will never hear

sweet lover’s  whispers

racing hearts

“Fill me with warmth

darling I am yours”


She will never know

a generous heart

words spoken in the dark

deep lover’s kiss

of desire


He will never read

her final pain offering

words of heart break


~I am gone”

This photo courtesy of Creative Commons, Neal Fowler http://www.flickr.com/photos/31878512@N06/4598679917/

Dont know what to say (poem)

You answered


there was something there

or was there something



It had been joyous

every moment

of every


chiding, teasing,




Each moment of each day


like a rose blooming

each stage

a new




Is this

the brown


about to be

blown away



Thanks to : CTwirler12 for the dead rose


Dew Rose by L. Moon (Top Photo)

A Last Tear

Looking up

with tear filled eyes

at someone who

once meant the world


empty shallow shell

encasing the place

where a heart once lived

and love poured forth


when did the sun

stop rising on our love?


when did the words “I love you”

become too difficult to say


What did I say “yes” to

so many moons ago


there’s nothing left

to shed a tear over

Shattered (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)

This poem is written specifically for One Shot Wednesday. What is 1  Shot??? It’s a new site where poets can link their poems and get feedback. Our goal is to establish a community of writers to encourage  each other and to create more blog visibility for each writer. Please stop by One Shot

My life broke today

or was it yesterday?

pain seems to last beyond yesterdays

it infringes itself on my todays


I couldn’t stop the breaking

the pieces are scattered

never to be regained

maybe a few pieces were salvaged

most are gone

some stuck to you


My heart froze like glass

so when you took a hammer

it shattered readily

like a mirror


a mirror that reflects upon you

was that a callous gesture I behold?

what I see in that mirror

was not there once upon a time


take my pieces and go

what you take with you

died long ago


don’t worry about the mess

I have the remainder of a lifetime

to pick up the pieces

of my shattered dreams

*  -*  -* – * -* -*-*-*-*-*

Thank You to Philip Bitnar for the great broken glass picture


The Spoils of Love

If I…

Held out my hand

would you grasp it

or  push it away?


If I…

opened my mind

would you gather my thoughts

or reject my words?


If I…

smiled at you

would you draw me close

or  turn away?


If I…

put my heart in your hand

would you lavish your affection

or spoil our love?


I see…

you have

pushed me away

rejected my words

crushed my heart


Rap and thud- slap and strike

perfect cadence of harshness and spite

“it doesn’t hurt” she wailed at him

“do your worst” reply seemed glib


not much  to strike -torn flesh was all

tears were burning, feelings raw


she woke – a scream  fear and sweat

this dreadful dream- help me forget

she pleaded -willed it  not to start

” Please -STOP!  Flogging my heart”

Photo by: Paul Tomlin


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


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