Sepia Photo #photography #familyhistory

no one left to tell me who or where you are time dated by your dressing the link is just too far empty eyes are seeking too distant is the past surely no one speaking sepia  crinkled fast   Have you ever held a photo that you knew had held importance but you had noContinue reading “Sepia Photo #photography #familyhistory”

Nile and Orphans #uganda #atozchallenge #Acholi

The water’s stories flow she laps against my boat pages of history turning one torn proffered note lazy sun lulled to sleep  one hand in the nile not very far off  slanted eye, crocodile a swish of his tail for my hand it’s too late better learn from history spilt blood is her fate awakenContinue reading “Nile and Orphans #uganda #atozchallenge #Acholi”

Holy Mountain #haiku

Kristjaan shares for today’s  prompt at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: ” I discovered that “Shevet Uul” is the valley of Shiveet Khairhan Mountain and that it is a very sacred place for the Tuvan people. Shirveet Khairhan means “holy carved mountain” and it points towards a very large amount of petroglyphs which can be foundContinue reading “Holy Mountain #haiku”

The Stacks #library #books

they have so many stories to tell leather bound,  some think some thin heavy or light like a feather more tales, imaginations to spin * grabbing for our attention but wait before you go look down deep to the archives untold journeys you know * into dust willing I descend books so large it takes twoContinue reading “The Stacks #library #books”

Working Together #rebootthesuit

Watching numbers increase children, moms and dads many hands join the clock we aim to beat suit walked on the moon put back together  generations to enjoy happily on history’s loom reach the number with the crowd each of us will share a prize knowing we were a part Neil’s ghost will be so proudContinue reading “Working Together #rebootthesuit”

Palms Sing Rocks Cry

golden rise upon the mountain light moves gently over the scene colors join the day in knowing this is an answer to a dream  donkey’s colt untied and led forth his only rider is a king palm branches line La Via Hosanna shouts while others sing the silent rocks they know the story holding backContinue reading “Palms Sing Rocks Cry”

Look Up or Look down #poetry #photography

Below stately columns tall and lofty words men rise and fall  many have gone before us some to revere others under breath we sneer here lies the mystery if you led with honor you revered through history were you the fool they will malign you curse your rule lead for the lives of the leastContinue reading “Look Up or Look down #poetry #photography”

The Ancient Alley’s Story #flashfiction #poetry #amwriting

Aged marks the alley A way traversed by man many feet have covered more years than that  have spanned Aged marks a history where crimes in stealth occurred running for a hidden place but they had been observed Aged marks a story the stones that cannot speak holding back the knowledge not told on anyContinue reading “The Ancient Alley’s Story #flashfiction #poetry #amwriting”

The Places you go #reading #nablopomo #poetry

If you could be a character from any time in history who would you be? Would you drive elephants over the Pyrenees? Would you a beautiful woman be running a powerful country? * Would you write of grand and small of rivers boats and boys perform in city’s hall travel the world to see it allContinue reading “The Places you go #reading #nablopomo #poetry”

Machu Picchu #haiku

  Hidden in the clouds ancient mystery unfolds  footprints remain * footprints remain history before me my shoes don’t fit My friend Kristjaan at Carpe Diem has chosen the world of Machu Picchu as today’s prompt. Who would not want to marvel at a world where ancients once strode? Photograph: Stock photography


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