You Keep Me Running… #poetry

I run toward the sun press hope to my soul will feet forward rough and dusty road   Look over my back pursuit darkness’ aim a claim upon my life forward, aghast they gain   I run toward the son press hope to my soul will feet forward rough and dusty road * life isContinue reading “You Keep Me Running… #poetry”

Used to Be Home #fires #California #poetry

natural beauty cruel embroiled waves obscured by flames * a tricylcle all alone picture – a melted phone can’t reach home For those of you who are in California our prayers are ongoing. We check in by phone and grateful that family can still pick it up. But there are many lines that will neverContinue reading “Used to Be Home #fires #California #poetry”

Healthy at Home #covid #elderly #atozchallenge

There’s no place like home and at the moment that is where everyone is. From the village (Uganda) to the city (San Francisco) hut or palace people are in their domiciles to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The objective is to keep everyone healthy and for the sickness to curve downward and stop infecting people.Continue reading “Healthy at Home #covid #elderly #atozchallenge”

Kids Make a Home #atozchallenge #haiku

As my children were growing up, we had a house with room for our children and their friends to play. We kept our big dining room table open for cards, puzzles,board games. The pool was always ready for Marco Polo, volleyball and diving competition. Our yard  welcomed games of  croquet and badminton.  We often hadContinue reading “Kids Make a Home #atozchallenge #haiku”

The Lighthouse #haiku #photography

Tossed by life’s storm pressed against rocks and foam Light my way home     The prompt at Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem is Lighthouse of Alexandria. The lighthouse is symbolic of many things the light bearer just one among many.

Pine Trees #haiku #nature #poetry

mountain filled scent  limbs reach toward the sky welcome home **** I don’t know what you think of when you see or smell a pine tree but I think about home. As a child, I lived in and among the pine trees. I climbed the 20 foot trees around our home and realized they aren’t a greatContinue reading “Pine Trees #haiku #nature #poetry”

Why I Left My Heart in San Francisco #poetry #photography

memories of a child filtered through the glass of the rainbow stained and etched color jubilee standing on a rocking bench bay wind lashing clothes and hair no thought that the waves and you so wee could make you its bobbing captive Memories of a child filtered through the glass of the rainbow grasping forContinue reading “Why I Left My Heart in San Francisco #poetry #photography”

Lost in the Mist #poetry #photoprompt

A dark mist swirls about her feet her fervent calls return to her that which she has lost she must find a dark mist swirls about her feet forward she trods to the unknown without that which she loves she is lost A dark mist swirls about her feet something white breaks through now in hopeContinue reading “Lost in the Mist #poetry #photoprompt”

Dawn’s Welcome #photography #poetry #haiku

Welcome to Dawn’s glow horizon’s welcome me threshold of my home * Welcome to Dawn’s glow cheerfully lights my way to the path unknown * Welcome to Dawn’s  glow a way open to this day keep me safe I pray * Welcome to Dawn’s glow a promise of  tomorrrows bringing you to me * PhotographyContinue reading “Dawn’s Welcome #photography #poetry #haiku”


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