Downcast #poetry #photography #hopeless

I drop my head

worth less of  love

hereby detest

things I have done

my shoulders sag

of life’s travails

belated tears

my spirit fails

nights I have prayed

for death to come

 you held me fast

await the dawn

the world it hates

your gift of love

it matters not

the Son has won

The enemy wants to pull us to our lowest low.  How sad when hope for tomorrow is death.

Have you been at the edge of hopeless?

Even mighty men like the prophet Elijah came to the end of hope. He asked for God to write “The End” as his world caved in.

David was another of God’s chosen who ran for his life from a friend bent on killing him.  What determination this man David had, he was joyful even as his enemy was at his heels.

“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,  for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.”

~Psalm 43:5

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

~Psalm 51:10


Bruised… #poetry #photography


this once content reed, flails

wind seeks to rip from mooring

torrent twists at peace

dusk to dawn, I wrestle

hot tears silent fall

gash displaces scars sewn shut


But light is on the horizon

before ink sets dry

warm breeze blanket will heal

soft rain cleases wounds

faith holds this vessel steadfast

hope will make me whole

This song reminds me that I need not be weighed down by life’s burdens

Can’t You See the Hunger? #poetry #homeless

Your large eyes

wide open like saucers

empty hands

longing to be held

one look into the world

you can feel it


a gasp

needing to be expelled


Have your lips

tasted more than sawdust?

Has your heart been over filled

with warmth?

Do you circle life

in desperation

ever seeking shelter from

life’s storm


Raise your head

never stop your seeking

don’t give way

to darkness and despair

there’s a sunrise, golden

that is peaking

over hope’s horizon

where you’ll be held and fed

I’m trying to address homelessness from many angles. This poem looks straight into the eyes of those who have so little. There is much a person can endure with hope. Without hope however even the best of situations can readily disintegrate.

Inspired by Poet’s United Mid Week Motif Prompt Hunger.

Images © L. Moon 2014

Tattered and Torn #oneshotwednesday #abuse

Crouched in the corner

lights graze my form

front and center

small, faded, forlorn


What do they want?

no warmth, only spite

peering and prodding

no “endless delight”


Sucking the color

pulling apart

perfectly aimed

at the center of my heart


Any one there?

a moment to share

reach out a hand

you – do you dare?


I’m not diseased

just lost, confused

I was the kid

no-love, abused


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The Ends …

She wanted to believe in…

his candy coated words

She had to…

Last straws

ends of ropes

the vestiges of home

Hope was a four letter word

until it was replaced with another


She made…

one last time attempt

to believe


“you and me”

When she removed

the rose-colored glasses

there was

only “me”

holding this…

Thanks Garrett Charles for the right photo


No Hope

Loveless – Who Cares?

Is the sign she read

over the person

who wished he was dead

Loveless – Who Cares

get off the ground

pick up the pieces

stop moping around

Loveless – Who Cares?

no one is there

to comfort you

in an hour of despair

Loveless – Who cares?

life is empty

shades of gray

doesn’t matter anyway

Loveless – Who Cares?

there is nothing left

no hugs or smiles

so – you’re bereft

Loveless  –  Who Cares?

fill an empty space

no one will notice

if I leave this place

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