Horse #atozchallenge

Have you ever jumped on the bare back of a horse? You have to hang on with your legs as the two of you escape the world’s gravity and ride in the breeze of freedom. Sorrowfully you must  resign yourself to the dismount and returning to regular mundane terra.

Tennessee walker

equine beauty

man and beast seek freedom’s path

horizon’s silhouette


Have you ever escaped with a horse as your companion?

Beneath your feet #photography

horse on beachfeet and grassbridge runner


Beneath your feet

the crunch of sand

I leave the earth

escape dry land

on tufts of green

my boots will go

and run away

past winter’s snow

my feet will guide

on moving trends

 journey today

all over again

Fenced In #poetry #writing #photography

sepia barbed

held back

unbroken spirit lassoed

chomping on life taking bit

unable to run free

held back

sails luffing

reaching in futility

winds just beyond reach

held back

hands restrained in shackles

prisoner of fate

thrashing brings pain

held back

creative connection broken

thoughts flail for conduit

inkless lies my pen

Today marks week five of nine weeks that I am casted and braced. One single index finger does my bidding until it too lies impotent from the pain.

weekly-photo-challenge-threes #photography #haiku

facing dawn

hay fresh fragrance

swishing flies


This week the photo challenge at WordPress was threes

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Photo challenge – Curves #photography #country

This week’s wordpress photo challenge is curves.

horse tail 2LP Records

curly ques

I hear the lazy swish

as he swats away bothersome flies

scratchy sounds of an old LP

country music brings memories  smiles

 unheard voices in a garden old

the iron grate wears no disguise

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Can’t Kill the Thirst #flash fiction #retro #fridayfictioneers


Another night banging around in the trashcans of Newcago,  I needed a drink.  A tall one and a Cheesesteak at Tony’s would do nicely.

I noticed the dame – she was a looker. I couldn’t get a read on the guy beneath the brim.

“Yeah, the regular,” I nodded. Sally and I go back to days when drinks came from the hose in the horse’s mouth.

I couldn’t help but hear dollface gagging.  I rushed to stop her fall. Too late – white stuff was bubbling from her mouth, her eyes glazed over.

Something besides the guy under the shadowy brim was missin- a large sparkler around her wrist.

“Baby, Newcago is not like life on the farm…

…Playing is for keeps.”

A new week for writing flash fiction over at Friday Fictioneers with a host of fiction writers. As you can see the picture prompt may mean you’ll find a bit of hay stuck between the pages but please go over and check out some of the excellent writers. Thanks to Rochelle for keeping us thirsty for more…

If you’d like to read the first of this flash fiction serial set in the sleepy town (cough, cough) of Newcago have a gander.

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A Night to Remember … (Flash Fiction in 140)

It was a ride like no other

as they took to the skies.

She was enamored

with the strong,

magical beast which

carried them

toward the stars.

Susan at Stony River does a fabulous job each week of hosting a picture prompted story in 140. Thanks Susan for another great prompt.


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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