From My Porch #poetry #spring #photography

Revelation of spring

flits before my eyes

 energy of Mr. squirrel’s twitching tail

Cardinal reds and little baby blues


hidden treasures of spring

chrysalis almost missed

yellow and red peeking faces

open to the sun


springs of the past

spoon used by little hands for digging

 dirt encrusted tonka truck wheel

brown edged florist’s card message


Spring’s new offering

inhale – bounty of fresh scents

chase – snow-white fluttering blossoms

catch -“I love yous” floating on a fragrant breeze

Photography “Orchard in Bloom” L. Moon Copyright 2010


Written in Moon Dust #poetry #love

Written in Moondust
Written in Moondust


I shake last night from my head
memories linger bright like the sun
a warm brush with moon light
Her glowing tendrils of hair reflect gold
lips speak  whispers into my ear
my heart with her is never cold
She leaves an imprint behind
There's a knowing "she will return"
to hold me in her arms
beam love through me
I think about her beauty from the inside out
her words I hold in my hands
they are clearly
Written in silvery moon dust

The Lover’s Song #oneshotwednesday

Awakened in the morning

serenaded by my favorite sound

“I love you so my darling

you are my heart’s desire”


Rambling through my day

softly humming my lover’s song

clinging to the phrase

“I am his heart’s desire”


A moment that I take

I dream of us awake

passion there is still

“you are my heart’s desire”


Prepared to meet his gaze

fragrance fills the air

reminders of my love

hanging here and there


Eyes caught in candlelight

there’s longing in my song

“You are my heart’s desire”

you are where I belong…



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A Last Tear

Looking up

with tear filled eyes

at someone who

once meant the world


empty shallow shell

encasing the place

where a heart once lived

and love poured forth


when did the sun

stop rising on our love?


when did the words “I love you”

become too difficult to say


What did I say “yes” to

so many moons ago


there’s nothing left

to shed a tear over

Three Words (I Loved you)

It hurt to hear



“I loved you”

there was


a last rotation

to the



I want to hear

I love you

a hope







How can




cause trouble


such pain


But then



can also

spin one


in love


Photo: lrargerich (license creative commons)