New Normal #poetry #art


her neck touched by a blunted blade

it left her headless, what a shame

new body formed,  paper mache

chique her skirt in prison gray

couldn’t set her clothes on fire

they were made of chicken wire

maison we shared looked like a box

a cage with one enormous lock

she held her broken mirroire high

the birds had picked away her eyes

madness in Forth, oh what a shame

I never even caught her name


*Forth is a small village in Scotland


The prompt at Poet’s United this week is “Weird”. Lewis Carrol inspires weird as does a modern sculpture I saw this past weekend.

Photo: Close up of Mary Cassat’s beautiful painting “Mother wearing a sunflower on her dress.”



Monet and Poplars #haiku #art


Gathering my thoughts

my paints loathe to follow

poplar dreams


sky color palette

cloud influenced impression

Monet found


canvas dry

I miss my poplar print

no more tears


Monet influenced so many writers and artists and continues to do so. The Carpe Diem prompt is “Poplars”

Note of Surprise #haiku #photography

This week at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, Kristjaan is again challenging our writing with another Haiku lesson:

“Maybe this episode had to be our first Haiku Writing Techniques episode, because this week it’s all about one of the basic writing techniques of haiku, the surprise, that one moment as long as the sound of a pebble thrown into water. That moment we have to catch in three lines, three lines which have to tell the whole story of that one moment, that surprise. That one moment is the essence of haiku. It’s an impression caught in three lines and (mostly) seventeen syllables.”

ripples of music

rapture’s crescendo

one tear of understanding

momentary captive

Please enjoy the creative work by fellow haiku poets at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.