Mirror #photography #haiku



mirror image

Fly me to the moon

clouds tomorrow’s captives

reflect yesterday

air and space DC


The WordPress photochallenge is Mirror


There’s Always an Angle #photography #poem

I look above, you look below

what in the middle find?

the layers of these bricks you see

no more the daily grind




Another Delightful Daily Post Photography Challenge  – Angular

What angle do you like to shoot?


Fresh #poetry #photography



 fallen the night before


 footprints on distant shore


capturing  fallen light


red rose smiling bright


hands clasped this day


love needed nothing to say


spoken to the skies


snowflakes in our eyes


petals fall in the breeze


whispers spoken to the trees


strong stood aged oak


 song where new life awoke


striving for the sun


new path on which to run

In 75 words or less: A New Year.  Again.  Are you a fan of “new”? Or are you tired of the whole idea of “new,” preferring the tried and true? 

Newness a prompt from Poet’s United.

poets united

Frozen Fall #poetry #photography

frozen leaf

I am a captive

encapsulated between yesterday and today


I hang suspended




the skeleton of winter

wraps its fingers about me


 threatening my existence

and so I watch you go by

bundled up in a flurry of color


you will wave in the New Year

while I wait for spring to catch what remains

The Sea #photography #poetry


They pulled me from my world

where seals and dolphin play

moonlight bore my charms

she’d glisten and she’d sway

I listen for the splash

feel the foam against my hull

just for one lusty moment

in rolling waves I’m lulled

sea foam line

The wordpress photochallange for the coming week is the Sea. I just spent the week at home (by the sea) so I am overjoyed to share a few shots

Photography: “Hull” and “Sea Foam Line” © L. Moon 2013

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In Focus #photography #Farms #photochallenge #poetry

Old Barn true and staid

behind stands aged tradition

secrets forgotten

The Word press weekly photo challenge for this week is “Focus.” What do you sense right behind the barn door?

Photography: “Old Penn Barn” and “Focus- Barn Door”

images copyrighted property of L. Moon 2013

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My First Day #school #children #story


I see them walking past my window – new shoes, new back packs and I reflecti back…



“Mommy mommy I think I hear it.”

“Oh honey” she ruffled my hair lovingly “you still have another twenty minutes.”

“But shouldnt I be there just in-case” I said with a gap-toothed smile

“Let’s make sure you have everything ” she was trying to stall me I later realized.

“You have your pencils?”









“Hmm” I looked cross-eyed I hadn’t put that in my backpack. I opened the zipper. “Yes” I giggled knowing who put  my lunch in my pack.

“Milk money?”

“Yes” I felt in my pocket.

“How ’bout a kiss?”

“Nope none of those in here.” I teased.

I put my arms around mommy’s neck. I didn’t realize the sacrifice she made in watching me grow up. This was as big a step for her as it was for me.

“Ok then I think they are ready for you smarty pants.”

With that I looked down to check that my shoes were tied.I grabbed my sweater and my backpack and ran out the door.

I didn’t think to wave til I got to the end of the drive. All of a sudden I felt it too. The long invisible cord that connected my mommy and I was stretched as far as it would stretch. A tear reached my eye as I realized she could not go with me on this journey. “Bye bye” I yelled “I love you mommy.”


Today many children will go back to school while others will go for the very first time. This story is for the mothers and fathers who have to let go of their children so many times and so many ways.

Leslie Moon is a published children’s writer who has told stories to young and old the better part of her life. She writes many genres but she will always consider herself a children’s writer. Please check back as there will be stories each week to inspire the child in you.

Photograph “School Days” L. Moon copyright 2012

Dawn’s Love #poetry #spring #photography

Skin reflects the dawn’s dew

as the sun shyly crests

the roundness of our hills

eyes their softness caress

await the hues and colors

of a brand new day

nature fills her chorus

each instrument tuned to play

lowing in the fields

twittering near our ears

wrap me in dawn’s splendor

it’s chilly cradle me near

Photography: Sierra Foothills at Dawn  (taken by my iphone) 2011 copyright L. Moon

Edge of Winter #poetry #photography #iphone

She was the last of her kind

bravely she poked her head through stormy mists

victorious she smiled

“I am free,” she exclaimed with glee!

A solitary ray of sunshine touched  her velvety skin

He was looking for a place to light

For one suspended moment she danced in his flickering glow

His fingertips radiated with color

Life seemed to appear

“Oh warmth I long for your embrace”

Too soon  he was gone

A tear fell down her ivory visage

“What will sustain me until spring?” she moaned

no one to hold

not a soul to care

her head went limp

knowing that she too would soon




Photography “Edge of Winter” & “Dying Rose” Copyright L. Moon 2011