Pampas Grass- susuki #haiku #california #photography

pampas grass

 pennant in sea breeze

free to wave away the tide

unaffected by change


 a hat or a blade

we built a fort in your  glade

through cut, we unafraid

Pampas grass grows wild along the California coastline. Plume -like beauty from a distance masks the blade-like sharpness of its leaves.

Pampas Grass is today’s Carpe Diem’s prompt


Swing of the Gate #haiku #photography #poetry

Here is the haiku by Mabson O. Southard which is the first stanza of this week’s Tan Renga Challenge (which is to add a second stanza of 7-7):

Just the cellarpit;
only the catbird recalls
the swing of the gate. ~ Southard

on which hang the ages past
children used to laugh and sing ~ L. Moon

This Tan Renga Challenge prompted by Kristjaan Panneman at Carpe Diem

Some more details on the Tan Renga form

Photography: Gate to emptiness © L. Moon

Dipping Into the Unknown #haiku #photography #eyesofachild

water child

dipping in unknown

my fingers long to feel

what my heart longs for


what my heart longs for

galaxy and more away

beauty of beyond


beauty of beyond

one can only imagine

dipping in the unknown

Have you ever had a longing for something you cannpt quite grasp or understand? Carpe Diem has a great prompt today “Longing for the Unknown”

The Water’s Will #haiku #photography

split stone

Intent on passage

water’s surge at weakness

stone cannot endure

Haiku gives a place to explore the profound meaning behind words.

Today’s prompt at Carpe Diem is “Willpower.” 

photography: “Split Stone” L. Moon © 2013

Sleight of Hand #haiku #magician


With sleight of hand

you entrance young and old

with your tricks


With your tricks

your hands deftly move the cards

confounding my mind


Confounding my mind

not able to catch the start

before the trick’s end

Today Carpe Diem’s prompt is the magician. A very good friend is a magician never were we able to learn his sleight his wife told us once the mystery is unfolded it is not as enjoyable.

The great photograph comes from Merchant of Magic Check out their blog for lots of magic tricks and info.

Golden Water Fall #haiku #Yosemite #anniversary #napowrimo

golden waterfall

Cascade of sunshine

singing in a waterfall

caught in love’s first draught

The photograph of the Fire Falls  by  Rense is a phenomenon of nature that occurs in the “Firefalls” in Yosemite during a certain time of year. It is dependent on the sun and the amount of water. I have seen this once when I was a little girl on a visit to Yosemite. The prompt today was golden tree ( I liquified it). The picture and the haiku are in celebration of  Kristjaan’s  (over at Chevre Feuilles ) birthday. anniversary and 25 years of  writing.


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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