Granules of Truth #poetry #photography

pen scratches agaisnt grit drop of blood caresses sand paper roughness of your words turning like a corkscrew  my mind in confusion used to talk straight lines  your eyes would sparkle my hands are empty the missing link on your wrist blood coagulates my pen seeks softer media      

Ensnared #devotion #poetry

You can’t escape once you’ve been ensnared now you are replicating the weaver your words drip with lies you sneer at your disguise slicing the truth into ribbon circling your prey fixing your eyes hoping to snatch another innocent of your ways you care little for the heart that beats as long as you have your sayContinue reading “Ensnared #devotion #poetry”

Apocalypse Yesterday #news #humor #poetry

“Step Right Up, Sit Right Down What we offer is for free you simply give to us your hand we take your soul and play the lottery” * the hawkers were at it again dawn til dusk it’s always the same they had to corner a billion or so before the winter’s came * peopleContinue reading “Apocalypse Yesterday #news #humor #poetry”

Misled #haiku #eve

A look in the eyes deceit drips off your forked tongue misled by your craft * you strive to coerce letting down my guard I  fall picked up by my Lord Kristjaan at Carpe Diem  has the Tarot card facing  the devil today. He is known as the deceiver the tempter so that’s where myContinue reading “Misled #haiku #eve”

Jade Green #atozchallenge #napowrimo

Jade Green were her eyes like a feline’s lies Fire Red flames she licked that poured from her lips Tawny Brown was her skin beckoned with drops of sin Coal Black was her heart mine pierced like a dart Dandelion Yellow was my skin poison crept deep within Verdant Green was the spot upon myContinue reading “Jade Green #atozchallenge #napowrimo”

He Loves Me He Loves Me NOT #valentines day

  Like a girl I pull a petal eagerly waiting the answer “He loves me He loves me not He…” I pulled the petals from the flower of love What did they say? He loves me… My eyes through their window you could see Lips that sang under yours Calderon of desire He loves meContinue reading “He Loves Me He Loves Me NOT #valentines day”

The Ends …

She wanted to believe in… his candy coated words She had to… Last straws ends of ropes the vestiges of home Hope was a four letter word until it was replaced with another L-O-V-E She made… one last time attempt to believe in “you and me” When she removed the rose-colored glasses there was only “me”Continue reading “The Ends …”

Blue Moon / The Seer(poems)

Blue Moon ( by Moondustwriter) Last night she was bright nothing blue when I look at you silvery light makes me dance makes me sing My attire was right moon dust covered the night soaking in the pure cold delight of you the moon she must shine don’t you know she is mine we areContinue reading “Blue Moon / The Seer(poems)”


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