School Daze #children #school #poetry

sharpen the pencils eraser dust flies line all the chairs awaiting new smiles desks stand empty no laughter in the air quiet and lonely no scrape of a chair This year there are many classrooms that stand waiting in lonely anticipation for the voices of children…

Lonely But Not Alone #haiku #reflection

broken by cold world’s storm tears fragile promise fragrant offering called hope Are you finding yourself alone in this mixed up world of CoVid 19? Worries swirl about your head for yourself, family, the world. “This is my comfort in my affliction, For your word has given me life.” ~Psalm 119:50 Hang on to theContinue reading “Lonely But Not Alone #haiku #reflection”

Nothing #atozchallenge #poetry #photography

There is a place called “nothing” devoid of space and time I guarantee it’s real Represents a frame of mind *** “Nothing” you might say is empty Some might say it’s flat A question merely lingers “Nothing”- where is that? *** Could nothing be a place A place where you are not People point andContinue reading “Nothing #atozchallenge #poetry #photography”

No Time for Love #Tanrenga #poetry #art #photography

this dark autumn night the bright stars of milky way cries of geese above (c) Lothar (Rheumatologe) long lonely days we fly away no time to stop dream of love © mdw This dark autumn night the bright stars of milky way cries of geese above long lonely days we fly away no time toContinue reading “No Time for Love #Tanrenga #poetry #art #photography”

Lonely Flower #haiku #photography #poetry

Striving Alone  dead the stone grass no home for me (this photograph and haiku led to the Villanelle below) Striving all alone none can understand I lie here as a stone * you hear not my pain’s groan faint lifting of my hand striving all alone * stripped clean like a bone winter fell uponContinue reading “Lonely Flower #haiku #photography #poetry”

The Woman at the Sound (Micro fiction)

“What are you pondering dear?” “Wish I could hold you one more time.” “Our boy is here with me. x’s and o’s from Heaven. Waiting for you!” Thanks to Susan of Stony River for hosting Micro Fiction Monday. Ya gotta spin a tale in 140 characters or less based on the photo prompt. Come joinContinue reading “The Woman at the Sound (Micro fiction)”

On the moon (a poem)

apart from a few rocks up here it’s pretty desolate in space they left a flag on display colors, torn, and frayed * It’s dark and cold, I feel misplaced quite lonely here no one’s near ** you talk alot to yourself I hear will I lose my mind oh dear! *** what I loveContinue reading “On the moon (a poem)”


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