Why Must Love’s Light Fail? #music #poetry #love

Love’s light casts her glow
Encircling two waltzing hearts
 Reaching upward as he grows
Love’s light casts her glow
 Reaching upward as he grows
Sunward is desire’s part
Love’s light casts her glow
Encircling two waltzing hearts
Two late love soars high crashing low
Why always must it be this way?
I reach for her. She cries “I know”
Too late love soars high crashing low
I strive for the moon she wants me so
Coldest night’s call “You must give love away”
Too late love soars high crashing low
Why always must it end this way?

This Triolet duet is inspired by the violin solo performed by the talented Jung Sung Ahn.


Ebbing Tide #flashfiction

You once sat with me on a piece of flotsam

Telling me stories about the ship that had sunk in the stormy sea

“All were lost”

you said with a tear on your cheek

I never knew you never told me

All had not been lost

A small boy and his scruffy dog had floated into the bay

A fisherman and his wife found the two survivors and raised them as their own

One day you went out to sea looking for something you had lost

You never told me what you were seeking

“All were lost”

I carved into  broken wood

A piece of flotsam where we will never sit again

“Please take me out to sea faithful tide

where I can be joined with the one

I have lost…”

Photograph~ “Winter Tide” L. Moon copyright 2012

Waiting for You #poem (One shot Wednesday)

I sat looking



for One last glimpse

of us


There we were on our bench

the picture so clear

sweet summer fragrance

eyes only for each other


You held me tight

beneath the maple trees

emanating warmth

even in the fall breeze


Words they heard

in our lover’s embrace

carefully conveyed into the night

as though they had done this before


You were only a breath away

whispered never “let you go”

gave me hope for tomorrow

yet  I am here all alone


That love so strong

had one weak link

more than tears rusted through

our loving embrace


So I make a vigil

before our bench

I cast my love

into the frosty night


Into barren arms of naked maples

and cold winter air

“please hold my dreams tight”

they hear me whisper


I listen for hopes of you

things not spoken my dear

perhaps no one will hear

but maybe they will get

through to you

This poem is in honor of the men and women whose love was separated forever by disaster the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked December 7, 1941.

Join us at One Stop Poetry where the poems are always fantastic and inspirational too. One Shot Wednesday is open to anyone interested in sharing their poetry with like minded writers.

Photography: Leslie Moon – Fall bench

Benson Kua – winter bench