Lost #poetry #faith #photography

I stumbled over the covered path

my footfalls lacking ease

my eyes were tumbling waterfalls

 I lacked a sense of peace

where am I going?

Where have I been?

no one in the ether

I’m truely lost again

Once I knew so clearly

now in a matchless fog

desperate for direction

I fear there is no God

I looked up from my sorrow

a distant focal light

I gazed not at my footing

aiming for clear sight

I barefoot in green pastures

 lightened of my load

Jesus bought my sorrows

treasures beyond untold

turn your eyes upon Jesus

look full in His wonderful face

the trials that hold you back

filled instead with love and grace



The Song Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus by Helen Lemmel 

Chorus: Turn Your eyes upon Jesus

look full in hIs wonderful face

and the things of earth will grow strangely dim

in the light of His glory and Grace.



Looking #poetry #lostlove #rejection


I seek the approval of…

a lover

a friend

an intellect

a poet

an artist

 Hopelessly flawed

no one to


into my eyes

at the stars






Come write a …


a treatise

a legacy

a love song

Can anyone find me???


he loved her so

cold winter solitude

lost in the  night


Moondustwriter celebrates 10 years of  blogging on Word Press. This is an archived poem from the first month (with some changes). Poetry is cathartic and I hope anyone who needs to blow off steam finds the outlet in writing.

As this posts, I will be in Africa doing what I love – teaching the children I write for. 10 years ago this was only a dream now this is an amazing reality.

Thank you Word Press for giving artists, writers, poets a place for venting, a place to fly…

To those of you who have encouraged me to not give up (you know who you are) I’m sending a bouquet of Thank Yous!!!

Sepia Photo #photography #familyhistory

no one left to tell me
who or where you are

time dated by your dressing

the link is just too far

empty eyes are seeking

too distant is the past

surely no one speaking

sepia  crinkled fast


Have you ever held a photo that you knew had held importance but you had no idea what it was? The people who were in the photo were long gone and you kept  it to try to hold the memory for someone long gone.

The Lost Letter #dailypost #history #poetry #photography

Repentant Magdalene – De La Tour 1640 oil

As I wrote to you these words

tears congealed with blackened ink

this goodbye so hard to write

how I wished I could re-take


You went away to war

tore my heart in two

the uniform I sewed

no longer resembles blue


A woman fights a war

it’s not with guns and spears

we fight inside ourselves

clinging to what is dear


The day I found her lace

I wished it wasn’t so

Perfumed you and adored

it dealt the final blow


Tucked beneath her favor

I’m leaving you this note

 wrenched from inside you see

our covenant you broke 


So many times I wished

I’d never seen that thing

for what it made me do

I threw away your ring


You wrote to me at length

declared unfailing love

how could you still claim that

with all that had been done


On hardened path you did return

a wounded, changed man

stump hidden in your sleeve

I couldn’t grasp your hand


The twinkle in those eyes

they still retained that smile

with all that they had seen

over all the bloodied miles


I asked about the words

I’d tucked into your shirt

the paper had gone missing

tramped about the dirt


I had to brave the lace

you assured that it was gone

no longer fragrant starched

just dirtied torn and brown


your crooked smile held back the pain

“I never loved her dear

white favors thrown into the wind

her death ominous and near


cannon ball fury pierced the night

she raced injured to save

mercy had all but been undone

we laid her in hollow grave


I  begged, cried “forgiveness please”

he said ” I owe you none

you are my heart’s strong shielding

a precious gift sent from above”


the note sepia

The Daily Post challenge was “Dialogue.” I hope you hear the voices from the past in this poem; a dialogue of pain and hope.

Tomorrow is the 151st anniversary of the bloody battle of Antietam – this a tribute to love, life, and life lost.

Photograph: De la Tour’s “Repentant Magdalene” (from the National Gallery); “The Lost Letter” © L. Moon 2013

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Longingly Toward The Sea #poetry #photography #fathersday

Long Look

He looks longingly toward the sea

his hopes long ago lost

where waves crashed

and hearts were scattered

turning toward the sound

alas a gull cries for its mate

picking up scraps as he waits

He looks longingly toward the sea

his hopes long ago lost

“we were foolish young” he sighed

to have no fear of storms and tides

light footsteps shuffle the sand

trusting she reaches out her hand

He looks longingly toward the sea

his hopes long ago lost

his smile glows deep

for life moves forward

in the heart of their child

This poignant poem is to Fathers on Father’s Day. Not all dads have a hand in raising their children.  Father’s give a unique perspective to a child. I missed having a dad close to catch my smiles.

Photography “Long Look” copyright  L. Moon 2011

Lost in the Mist #poetry #photoprompt


A dark mist swirls about her feet

her fervent calls return to her

that which she has lost she must find

a dark mist swirls about her feet

forward she trods to the unknown

without that which she loves she is lost

A dark mist swirls about her feet

something white breaks through

now in hope they can find home

The picture prompt from Picture it and Write was too enticing to turn up.


Shipwreck #poetry #dark #pen


Cast adrift

No where to go

my hands grip

this piece of flotsam

can’t remember why


Piece of wracked ship

splintered debris

watery abyss

sucked into darkest

no one  hears my cry


“welcome to the crypt”

a hollow grating sound

fingertip like cold

opens  it’s doors

none knows where I lie

pen of the damned

As a writer for the Pen of the Damned, I like to draw attention to the excellence of the writing that you will read by this dark, angst wrought group. Please check out the newest short story by Dan Dillard ,“Visions of the Reaper.” If you like dark, you will not be disappointed

I apologize to the photographer as I lost the information about the piece. If you know, please contact me so I can attribute properly.

Round-about Love #poetry

It was
sequence of mistakes
losing our way without thinking
this love took a round-about of miserable mistakes
mistaken love I’ve taken this roundabout of misery
thoughtless I lost my way
mistook the sequence
it wasn’t
Poet’s United Verse First  is using the Fibonacci form as a prompt this week. Fibonacci poetry is a literary form based on the Fibonacci number sequence. The sequence begins like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21. In order to find the next number in the sequence, you add the two preceding numbers. The sum of these two is the next number, which then is added to the one before it to get to the next number, and so on.This is how it works:
1 + 0 = 1;1 + 1 = 2; 2 + 1 = 3; 3 + 2 = 5; 5 + 3 = 8 ;8 + 5 = 13 ;13 + 8 = 21 ;21 + 13 = 34…
poets united

The Raven’s Word #poetry #photography

bandw inverted leaf
Last of Fall

Dark they fell

wings of death’s foreboding

fell messengers

what do they tell?

“All is lost

lost are they

who venture close

or come this way”

and so a tear

futility falls

falls with the last

none are left

none at all


Over at Saturday Centus Jenny Matlock’s prompt “I’ve Officially Reached Critical Mass” appropriate considering the asteroid that exploded this week


Lost In Flight #flashfiction

mysteries may abound even on your traditional commercial plane flight

“Last call for United flight 4571”

She hefted her carry-on into the overhead compartment

“I believe that is my seat 22B.”

“Yes mine is the window.”

She settled in for the flight with a magazine – not a flight magazine but it looked interesting.

“She was seated on the aircraft Lieutenant. We lost her somewhere in- flight.”


This is just one of a host of flash fiction in 55 shared with G-Man for Friday Flash Fiction

Thanks to Sean Memon for the Photograph http://www.flickr.com/photos/smemon/4820389847/

Faith & Entropy

Gud skaper noko nytt ved sitt Ord og sin Ande, vi kan ta imot det i tru og få oppleve at han gjer sitt verk med oss. Hans skaparkraft verkar konstuktivt i våre liv og skaper noko som er verdifullt for oss. Naturkreftene verkar nedebrytande, i fylgje entropilova, men Gud er Ånd og det som er født av hans Ande består. Jesu frelsesverk er fullbrakt og fullkome. Han er den siste Adam, som er ifrå himmelen og som for oss har vorte ei livgjevande ånd. Han gjev oss den Heilage Ande frå himmelen av berre nåde. Han gjev oss det evige livet.


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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