It Happens in Spring #haiku

in white wisteria vine …
spring moon

© Lolly


lifting her pink face

nectar blows sweet over fields

sun’s broad smile


Lolly’s haiku is today’s inspiration for Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu



Your Poem on the Wind #poetry #loss #photography

Finger traces words
pages escape in the wind
poetry never dies
I clasp the memories
near to my heart
those warm days
and you and I
chasing shore birds
we dance in the sea-foam
our laughter joins with the sea’s chorus
“come frolic with us in waves of eternity
just beyond the sun”
A tear muddies the poem
the one you wrote
of your love
tied in a bundle
with so many others
invisible fingerprints
caress the ribbon
that has untied your sentiments
too many times to count
brown and brittle are the pages now
a piece breaks off
and is caught by the breeze
I scorn its warm glow
it too wants a bit of you
finally I crumple your treasures
to brown papery dust
setting you free for the last and final time
a silent petition I raise:
“let me join you
to frolic in the waves of eternity
just beyond the sun”
sun and wave foam
 This poem is inspired by Anna Akhmatova a woman who knew the glow and loss of love.
Today at Poet’s United Midweek Motif the theme is “A Woman’s World.” One thing women have long known is the value of love and the weight of loss and yet we endure.
poets united

Waiting for the Moon #haiku #moon #art

Both grasses and trees
waiting for the moon
dewy evening

© Iio Sogi

dance in moonshine



Dewy lashes

open to the sky

watery feathers

Dewy lashes                                                                                     close to the sun

close to the sun                                                                             no heat to borrow

lips greet the moon                                                                             last of day

(central haiku)


lips greet the moon

lovers reunite

silent song


Today  Carpe Diem Haiku Kai  is inspired by Sogi’s Dewy Eve, we are prompted to write a haiku or better yet a troiku (three haiku built off a main haiku) the form created by Kristjaan.

Flying Home #poetry #photography

The goal of the Tan Renga Challenge is to write the second stanza of the Tan Renga. With that two-lined stanza (classical syllables count 7-7) you complete or continue the scene/story of the first stanza. You don’t need to use the 7-7 syllables count, but feel free to do so.

Here is my attempt to complete/continue this Tan Renga started by Oliana:

power-driven fowl

in rays of a setting sun
flies home           (Oliana)
anticipate journey’s end
waiting arms of a lover
airplane wing
Carpe Diem always has great prompts for haiku and in this case Tan Renga

Lover’s Dance #valentine #poetry #photography

love me calla

Gentle mist upon my forehead

covers me with diamond dew

fragrant kisses call me softly

velvet points our pas de deux

Let us dance upon the four winds

impassioned lovers take our cue

when night’s curtain is a falling

dearest, hold me near to you

Photography:”Love me Calla” copyright 2012 L. Moon

I had to pull an archived romantic poem for lovers today!

Ahhh The Lovers #swans #haiku #photography

Love me calla – L. Moon

The pas de deux

dance of two moving as one

swans in life’s waltz


swans in life’s waltz

gliding along in their lake

blue glistens diamonds


blue glistens diamonds

her eyes sparkle at each thought

his nearness quivers

moon photo

This month Kristjaan is using the Tarot Cards as prompts. Today’s prompt is the Lovers

Photography: “Love me Calla” copyright  L. Moon 2011

“Water ripple” L. Moon 2011

Why Must Love’s Light Fail? #music #poetry #love

Love’s light casts her glow
Encircling two waltzing hearts
 Reaching upward as he grows
Love’s light casts her glow
 Reaching upward as he grows
Sunward is desire’s part
Love’s light casts her glow
Encircling two waltzing hearts
Two late love soars high crashing low
Why always must it be this way?
I reach for her. She cries “I know”
Too late love soars high crashing low
I strive for the moon she wants me so
Coldest night’s call “You must give love away”
Too late love soars high crashing low
Why always must it end this way?

This Triolet duet is inspired by the violin solo performed by the talented Jung Sung Ahn.

Entrance of Dawn #poetry #photography

Black Velvet Impressionistic

Midnight’s shadow

lingers on her fingertips

Like the gentle caress of black velvet

lips brush a kiss upon night’s curtain


She readies her dress

a whisper “not ready though”

Dawn’s rays beckon in a soft halo

slowly day warms her palm


I must delay  the eyelids of the sun

“Wait just a bit longer” she implores

My surprise for you

will otherwise be ruined


Humored he complies

With a radiant smile

Imagining her allure all the while

silhouetted in the satiny pink of dawn


Photograph: ” Impressionistic Black Velvet” copyright L. Moon 2012