Too Late #tanrenga #poetry

This month at Chevrefeuille’s Haiku Kai we are challenged by the Tan Renga that short chained poem written by two poets. Here is the haiku by Buson for your inspiration to create the second stanza of this Tan Renga.

Haiga by Buson

the willow leaves fallen,

the spring gone dry,
rocks here and there

© Yosa Buson (1716-1784)

tears blot candle lit message

death comes too quick for my love



Repentant Magdalene - De La Tour 1640 oil

Art by Yosa Buson and Georges de la Tour


Bethlehem #poetry #Christmas


 Outside of Bethlehem

rocks, sheep and cold

better than noisy masses

for the city was over full

outside of Bethlehem

we dozed as the sheep slept

never imagining

the concert that we’d get

outside of Bethlehem

unusual night for us

the skies were a blazing

with the Heavenly chorus

outside of Bethlehem

a message we received

we cowed and fearful

in angels we believed

inside of Bethlehem

we beheld and we saw

the babe, the son of Mary

we bowed in silent awe

inside of Bethlehem

inspired with a reason

a message for the masses

“wake up to a new season”

outside of Bethlehem

a tear creased our eyes

disbelief and hatred

this king they would despise


Please if you have time to visit Pen of the Damned read:  “Other Side of Bethlehem.” This is a sad and chilling contrast of that precious night and a look at the cold heart of man.

The top picture of the fields of Bethlehem is from the website of the Salvationist. There are many pictures and reflections about Bethlehem.

weekly-photo-challenge-horizon/ #photography #poetry

What story is beyond the horizon?

a world captive in the glass

a man trying  to grasp the sea

wheat waving its hands in the breeze

in clouds a hidden message inscribed in red

a fence that knows the names  of soldiers dead

a frog who dreams of a life outside his pond

grasp at a mysterious world beyond the dawn


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Truth in Art #Picasso #art #haiku

The Seated Man by Pablo Picasso
The Seated Man by Pablo Picasso

You I have portrayed

true character in shadows

buffoon’s charade


Buffoon’s charade

my painting hung in fame

you long forgotten

Carpe Diem’s prompt is to use art as an inspiration for writing. I believe that artists and writers share a kinship and as such inspire one another. What truth do you see that Picasso is unveiling?

The Water’s Will #haiku #photography

split stone

Intent on passage

water’s surge at weakness

stone cannot endure

Haiku gives a place to explore the profound meaning behind words.

Today’s prompt at Carpe Diem is “Willpower.” 

photography: “Split Stone” L. Moon © 2013

Woman in the Mirror #shortstory

It was a wet rainy day. I really was not intending to browse in the musty antique store but at that moment I was passing  there was a fierce downpour which forced me indoors. I tried to take a deep breath but the dust clogged my nostrils;  I forced myself to breath as little as necessary.

“Welcome” the old shopkeeper smiled an aged, toothless smile. I gathered she was as old as some of the pieces. “Please tell me if I can be of assistance deary”.

I walked around the cluttered rows of dingy furniture.  “Ah light,” I gasped as I took the stairs two at a time. ” Maybe there will be something worth looking at up there and perhaps less dust.” I said in a hushed voice realizing her hearing was also ancient.   “Squeek, clop, clop” I sounded like a horse  on wooden slats.

At last I was upstairs. I turned around in a room that seemed so airy and springlike. I could almost hear birds chirping. The sun was streaming in from a skylight. “How is that possible?” I shook my head as if in a fairy tale.  I minded little the time I might spend here. I looked at item after item – each “one of a kind” in my estimation. Then I felt warmth as if a hand touched mine. I looked down and my hand was resting on a beautiful yellowing mirror. The lines from the elephant tusk were obvious as I ran my hand over the smooth  ivory. I felt the need to see if the mirror was cracked so I turned it over. As I gazed at myself, I was shocked at what I saw.

“I dont own a brocade, three-quarter sleeve gown. What am I thinking? I dont own any gowns.”  I heard a whisper from behind me. It must be an open window. Then I heard it clearly.

” Come close let me look at you.”

” Who are you, ” I asked trying to keep the trembling in my voice down.

“My name is Janille Constantine.”

” My name is Malina.”

” I  like that name Malina. I have never heard that name before. Have you seen him today?” she asked in a beautiful lyrical voice.

“Have I seen whom?”

” My lover of course. We are supposed to meet here so that my intended would not see us.” Janille giggled with mirth.

” No I am sorry what does he look like? ”

“He is very handsome. He rides the blackest of stallions and his blue eyes carry mischief  and love.”

” I’m sure if I saw him I would remember him.” I had to look again into the mirror as I was certain that I could not be carrying on this conversation with myself.

“Yes he always wears a bowler hat and carries a smart cane.”

“Where do you live?” I asked.

“Why on Jersey shore of course my dear. I am from the Constantine family; we live in a darling home on the sea-shore in the summer and we return to our plantation in the fall once the disease has left the lowlands.”

“My what an exciting life you must lead. I would love to see your home. ”

“Yes alas I believe once papa knows about Roland he will send me away to my aunt’s.” her r rolled in a perfect southern drawl.

“What about your intended?”

“Oh Joseph. He is a good boy but he is not a man who knows the world. He is protected by his mama.”

“Oh” I started to smile. I had dated someone like that and was glad the “love of my life” lived on the edge.

“Then why don’t you break it up with Joseph? ”

“Well I have discussed it with Roland he always tells me no and tells me to shush.”

Just then I heard the sound of a gun shot.

” Oh my what am I to do? What is it?”

“A man has been shot outside of the shop. You must hide – please hide.”

“Where? ”

“Under a bureau!”

“Yes I will.”  I held my breath waiting as I heard the pounding of footsteps on the stairs as suddenly as they came up they went back down.

“No one is here. That scoundrel Roland.”

” He’s dead.”  I heard a mouse like  voice.

” Murielle your husband was a cheat and a gambler. It is better this way come home with your older brother.”

I heard crying as a face came back into view. “They killed him my Roland. Who was the woman? Oh my I guess he was married. I never knew.”

“But you are safe Janille.”

“Yes I am I will return to my papa’s home in South Carolina. I will never return here again.” She tried to sound brave but her voice could not countain the soft cries.

“Goodbye Malina.” a sweet voice said and then the mirror went dark.

When I went home I googled the name of Constantine. There it was the picture of the beautiful, young woman I had spoken with. She had unexpectedly died by gunshot in the street in New Jersey on her way home.

I looked up the name of Roland and found several who lived in the area then I saw him. The most daring and compelling blue eyes and I knew why she had loved that captivating man.

I went back to the antique store on another rainy day. I was curious to see whom I might meet…

This short story was inspired by the elephant tusk mirror that was an heirloom and an archived poem I wrote.

Photograph: “Gradma’s Mirror”  L. Moon copyright 2011

The Message…

Yes this is a Flash 55 but to read the beginning of the story you have to go to my friend J. Bengel’s site and read Vespers

The phone rang again.
Deep breath on the other end.
“Sorry it’s me again. I saw her. I’m back from the edge of death.

Before they sent me back a beautiful woman brushed my hand and whispered your name.

Tell him I’m here. I’m waiting. I love him.”
“Thanks” was all I could say

Go to the G-Man for more Flash 55- Thanks G!!!

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my story</a>

The Message in the Mirror #NWCU #ghosts #poetry

She walked into a shop

steeped  in another era

scents  of old

ancient things from there


Up in a loft

she saw an ivory mirror

she held it’s loveliness

tell me what did she hear?


It was a voice

with an accent sublime

young and clear

from another time


Are you talking to me?

I hear you my dear

the young voice queries

please come a little near


Where is the woman?

no one but me

looking around

where can she be?


Then just as sweetly

she gave me a message

must be for others

what is the passage?


Tell them I love them

tell them I’m here

tell them I’m waiting

give them love and cheer


Who do I tell?

can’t you be clearer

now she was gone

the lady in the mirror

This (archived) poem is prompted by this week’s Wednesday Wake Up Call at New World Creative Union. We are asked to reflect on our ancestors. The prose is fictional but inspired by a mirror and a memory.

Painting: Waterhouse “Rosebuds while ye may”