Alzheimers and Old Butcher Knives Part 2 #atozchallenge #elderly

“Millie came to visit…

The RAT never suspected. Never suspected a thing. Extra sugar can hide almost anything. The one thing my husband enjoyed was my home baked cookies.”

“Oh well. Thanks for your candor and for the cookie. I need to go now. Have a good day ma’am.”

I tried not to run off the unit as I spit into a hand-i-wipe what I could retrieve of the cookie.


“I was on a social call with your mother at the memory care unit.” I absently rubbed my hand through my cropped hair.

“How was mama today?”

“Uh, She was good. She gave me a cookie.”

“That’s nice. She changed her recipe; I stopped eating them.”

“Ahh well yes.” I felt my pulse and looked at my tongue in the mirror. ” Your mama mentioned Miss Millie. ”

“Aunt Millie… she and mama… were very close. They would always laugh about granmama’s favorite butcher knife. They said it was perfect for chickens. It hung in Millie’s kitchen.”

“Chickens??? Can you give me her contact information?”

“Millie’s? She’s in Raleigh.”

I sensed something stilted in her voice. Maybe she knew something.

“She’s in Mount Hope on Prospect… She’s been gone 7 years.”

I had started writing the address down. My eyes bugged out in surprise that my witness or suspect was dead. “How long?”

“7 years.”

“When did her husband die?”

“6 years ago from a heart attack.”

“Was she married before?”

” Umm, yes, but I don’t remember him. He ran off; no one ever saw him after that.”

I ripped the page out of my notepad. I realized people can say and think some mighty far fetched things.

Case Closed / Accidental Death was stamped on my report of a dead husband/ caregiver



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Today is day 2 of the A to Z challenge. The letter B

Most of my blogs will be info and anecdotes about the elderly.

I’d apply the letter B to elderly care this way:

Be kind

Be yourself

Be there for your family member

Be honest when you need a break.

Are you participating in the challenge?

What is your theme?

Any writing goals this year?

“R” Evil Rides by Leslie Moon

red glow Harley B&W

Today is the “R” for A to Z challenge. This week I am stepping into the writer’s circle and writing a week- long serial set in the metropolis of NewCago. It’s a bit noir, crime and even some fiction. Though this is a serial, I do understand some of you will be dropping by via A to Z so you can read each day as stand alone microfiction.

The NewCago series – Missed , Never, Oldest Trick, Poison, Quill


” Mrs. Rhanovic…” I screamed as I ran to pick up a fuzzy slipper in the middle of the street.

Every morning, I see this dear old lady getting her New Cago Daily. Sometimes the delivery guy is mean and throws it on the curb.

But why is her slipper in the  middle of the road? I retrieve the slipper and feel a gust of wind blow open my coat.

“Too late, Sammy, she bit the dust this morning. No bright-eyed detective to protect this fair citizen of New Cago. Seems you always fail those closest.”

Recently, I had a premonition of doom. A motorcycle with red flames lurked in the corners. I could never see the face of the rider.

“Yeah, I can’t die either. Seems like I’m the Yin of your Yang.” His evil chuckle struck my gut.

My mind tried to wrap around the idea of evil that could not die.

“You demon.” I shook the slipper as he drove off.

I tried hard not to imagine what cruelty was being inflicted by this piece of road slime.

‘I’ll find something to curb your malice…’ I thumbed through Luz’s books of cures for evil.


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Have a Cup on Me part 2 #halloween #microfiction

The journalists had laughed at the first note

“Death will reign come Halloween Night.”

No one laughed,  when the first reports got phoned in. All seemed to be the same cause- a lethal poison. All the victims were attractive women.

The Times got a new note:

“More Each Day.”

No one, at the paper, noticed the note was arranged differently. In the first, the letters were ripped out; this one the letters were cut out – neatly.

The paper’s headline read:

“…  a pretty lady with silver bangles was found in her car this morning”


Life kept buzzing in the coffee shop. The drama never ceased neither did the foreboding in the headlines each morning leading up to Halloween.

“Ten women total and the police have no clues.”

“I feel terrible for the families.” A young woman whispered to her boyfriend.

“Maybe you should go out-of-town for a few days,” he said with loving eyes.

The barista looked over at the two for a moment envying their closeness.

Later that day… a woman was obviously meeting a man for the first time. The barista winked “not sure about that one…” The blonde winked back “I’ve been on lots of dates. Ya never know…”

“These are scary times “the barista added.

The blonde smiled, “I’m a big girl.”

A scream was heard in the back of the coffee shop. There was momentary mahem as some people rushed for an exit while others rushed toward the scream.

“It’s ok folks it was just a mouse” the barista grinned knowing on most days the news of a mouse would empty the coffee shop; today it brought people closer together.


The next morning more deaths were reported. Among the deaths – a blond who thought she could handle life and a young woman whose boyfriend was grieved that she had not listened and gone out-of-town as he asked.


“Sir, some of the victims were strangled and others were poisoned.”

“Guy likes to mix it up, obviously.” the chief scowled.


“I’m not sure if you girls should be working especially since it seems several of the women were customers here the same day they died. Maybe he waits outside for the customers,” the manager’s face whitened. “Then we will be sure not to be customers here,” the barista tried to lighten the mood.

“Ok, but if either of you feel you need to then you can have the rest of the week off.”


“Nothing ever happens in this sleepy little town” the police chief pounded his fist on an oak desk. He hated contacting the metro police but needed help in solving this crime asap.

That afternoon a detective went to the coffee shop to talk to several of the staff. “Anything unusual the past few days?” No one could recall.

“Well there was this one weird, middle-aged guy who has met two different women for coffee.” the barista remembered.

“Yeah, he seemed really full of himself, acting like a big shot, as he bought his date a Venti. I call that a big spender.”

“Have you ever seen him before?”

“No. Never,” all the baristas agreed.

“Ok give me a description and if you see him again get his name off his credit card and try to delay him.” The detective was writing in his notebook.


A pretty young woman ran in late toward the end of the shift. The guy at the cash register asked ” what is a beautiful lady like you doing out so late?”

“I lost my wallet today and I just got off work at the spa. I hope I left it here.”

“Well pretty lady” he smiled “Let me look in our lock box. Can you describe it?”

“Yes, it’s brown leather with a gold clasp.”

“Looks like you’re in luck” the cashier said valiantly as he handed the wallet to her.

“How ’bout one for the road” the barista smiled “Coffee’s getting dumped. This one’s on me.”

“I could use something a bit stronger” the woman giggled with a strain in her voice gratefully taking the coffee and leaving a tip.

“Liquor store’s around the corner.”

Neither the barrista nor the gal with the wallet noticed a guy preening himself in a dark Camero.


to be continued…

Photograph “Coffee’s on me” by L. Moon copyright 10/2012

The First Corner of Life #microfiction #lifeslessons #children

We need other’s to help us make it around the corner’s of life…

faithful old shoes

“I’m weary already”

the new shoe said to the old

“It is what happens at first

after awhile you will hardly notice it”

“I am concerned that my bright emblem will get scuffed”

“Oh don’t worry it will get more than scuffed”

“How do you manage?”

“I put one foot in front of the other”

the worn shoe remarked wisely

“I will never make it around the first corner of life”

“no you are right. no one can without help

the foot inside you will be your best friend

it will rely on you but so must you be confident in it.

Getting around the first corner of life is the hardest but the next comes too quickly.

Then a day will come that you get to be propped up at the end of a long day with a newspaper and a nice warm fire – ahhh retirement.”

photograph “seen better days” L. Moon copyright 2011

April Fools #atozchallenge #microfiction #aprilfoolsday

I mused over how we had met on April Fool’s Day years ago. I closed  my journal recording each memory with my hot blooded lover. Last year on April 1st,  I was whisked away on the back of a donkey to an al fresco lunch in a field of flowers.

“Are we fools in love?” My lover grinned at me with flowers obviously behind his back.

“Yes lucky in love I believe ” I leaned over and kissed him trying to peek to see behind him.

As he brought his hands forward with a huge bouquet of daffodils and calla lillies, I noticed that a string was tied to his pinky.

“You need to remember something?”

“Indeed I do! For attached to this string are the answers to life that I am seeking.”

“Ha” I said “I really am an April Fool if I believe that a string holds the answers to life.”

He smiled “can I give you this string and at least some of the answers then?” he smiled that winning smile that  made me weak kneed.

“Yes I will play along.”

He placed the string on my ring finger while gazing in my blue orbs “Marry Me next April 1st.”

“Yes” I said knowing it was just a joke for he had told me he never wished to marry. And anyway what fool would give a girl a string engagement ring?

next april 1 fools day, I placed a band of string on my April Fool’s left hand under an arch of dafffodils and calla lillies. The bray of donkeys could be heard in the backround.

“A fool in April is lucky in love” or so the pastor said.


This entry marks the beginning of a month of writing madness in April. Follow along with the many writers who will ply their craft daily during April A to Z. Thanks to those who are hosting this event

Photography :stock photo

The Parable of the Penny #microfiction

There is much we can learn from life even the life of a penny

There was a penny

nothing special

copper in color

rather dingy.

It had been handled for years.

People remarked “is this a trick – where is it’s other side?

It must have been lost at the mint.”

It had been lost

but not at the mint.

Life had worn off the other side.

The penny didn’t know what it was missing.

One day there was an lunar eclipse

the cosmos whirled.

People held fast to their reality

the penny lost was lost in a dream.

It fell from a pocket

aimlessly thrown here and there

one moment in a fire

another tossed down some stairs.

The penny picked itself up

looked at the moon

smiled saying “Im still here.”

‘So am I” she said with a glow.

“I thought all was lost

when  darkness consumed me.”

The penny was different

dull was replaced with a coppery sheen.

A smile was seen on the face.

Unknown to the penny

there were now two sides

it was whole.

The moon was different too

it had a coppery glow!

Photograph –

The Colorless Life #microfiction

There is little color for the life of some children. For this child, it was the memory of the man with the red umbrella that brought a smile.

“There was very little color in my life,” she sighed in her accented narration.

“We were poor, daddy rarely came home and when he did I always thought he was mean and he smelled funny.

He was a lousy drunk who would take what little mama could save in that pitiful cracked jar.

There was the man with the red umbrella though. He would come on rainy nights

( now I knows it’s because papa always stayed at the bar on those nights to keep warm on the bosom of a barmaid.)

ah yes the man with the red umbrella …

He always had a small toy for Petro and candy for me or a ribbon for my hair

….and wine for mama.

She didn’t need the wine for the smile was there the moment she heard his shoes splash against the cobblestones.

He told us stories of far away places and as our heads bobbed with sleep he would gently tuck us into bed.

When I awoke, the sun always shone after the man with the red umbrella had visited.

When I was older, I looked in Petro’s eyes and saw the light dance in his eyes like the man with the red umbrella.

I smiled knowing a little more about color…”

Thanks to Tess of Magpie Tales who always sponsors a wonderful time and offers delightful prompts.

…Another Day in Paradise #3wordweek

“Another day in paradise” the Guamanian radio announcer stated cheerfully  as the radio alarm went off seemingly in her head.

“I have to stop guzzling those Mai Tais until 2.”  She tried to shake her head free of the fog.

“What’s with the coconut shells?” she said in a voice too loud for the hangover she was trying to adjust to.

Then she saw a hairy arm and a knee.

She was never considered quiet but her shriek  “Who are you?” could have awakened the dead.

“It’s dead it has to be. Who is it?”

She had no recollection of last night. She deemed it wise to draw no more attention to her 10’x12′ barrack room.

“They are going to lock me up. I’ve heard that some people never see the light in the Navy brig. ” She commiserated with herself  in her quietest voice.

Then she heard it – an odd kind of noise.

“Someone is digging their way up from Hell to accost me for my deeds.”

His face was disheveled but he was quite alive and he was far from gnashing his teeth.

“You aren’t a demon”, she cried

“I’ve been called alot of things as a sailor, doll,  but demon is not one of them.”

I finally got the time to do writing prompts and had to give my friend Steve Isaac and Three Word a Week a try. With three words as a prompt who knows what will happen.

When We Were Young #microfiction

going off to war changes youth

We were just kids then though we felt we could change the world

The boys were already leaving in their shiny new blues or greens for another land

giggling as they went

knowing when they returned the letter jacket would be replaced with a band of gold for the girls

Some smiles grew wiser as they opened each new account

Others lost their smiles completely when the horrid news came out

And now the eyes remaining

glisten with a wisdom not all their own

We never knew survival would extract such a precious toll

This great prompt came from Tess Kincaid over at Magpie Tales

The shipwrecked lady #microfiction”

A shipwrecked call from a maiden in distress or a masked Siren

“Come to me

I am lonely”

she cried into a  dark stormy night

“come to me

for I am lonely”

He hears in her voice a trembling fright

“I am coming

dearest lady fear not I will come”

“Come to me

I am lonely

they will hurt me

as I  sleep”

“wait for me

close not thine eyes

vigilance please keep”

“Do not come to me

for it is too late

I am ravaged



“I am coming

oh my lady

of loving devotion

never be  forlorn”

A poetic response to the prompt Shipwrecked at Sunday Scribblings


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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