Strong Beauty #Mothersday #Love

drop of love

endures storm’s seas

strong arms


To the woman whose strength is her beauty. Her compassion is her smile. She wills us to be better and she stands by us in our worst moments. Her applause thunders in pride in our success.

One day to radiate our love back!!

bw and pink azalea




Fleurs for Mother’s Day #poetry #mom #mothersday

Her smile gives me cause to grin

I’d pick a handful of every fragrance

put them in a vase

make the perfect card

she’d remember my silly face

with cake batter hands

making her a mother’s day surprise

catching laughter in her eyes

swallowing up mother’s day memories again


I couldn’t ruin flowers in a vase but I certainly ruined many a mother’s day cake.

What memories do you hold of Mother’s Day with your mother or as a mother?

Wishing all mothers and the Poetry Pantry Folks

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!