Unseen Treasure #poetry #love #sea

 Rush of turbulent waves overtake the sandy bits I am a mere grain hidden in the drifts  One who sees beyond how does He know the deeps where I lay His love never shifts for treasure digging deep it’s hard for us to grasp open empty hands filled with love at last   Photo: “ArtContinue reading “Unseen Treasure #poetry #love #sea”

His Concertina #flashfiction #shortstory #music

She couldn’t believe it – his concertina. “I wonder if it can still play?” Her talented great-uncle had taught her to play a few simple songs. She wiped dust off playbills even an old lp still in its cardboard jacket laying atop the instrument. Lost in the magical moment, she sat in the dusty repository onContinue reading “His Concertina #flashfiction #shortstory #music”

Sleight of Hand #haiku #magician

With sleight of hand you entrance young and old with your tricks *** With your tricks your hands deftly move the cards confounding my mind *** Confounding my mind not able to catch the start before the trick’s end Today Carpe Diem’s prompt is the magician. A very good friend is a magician never were weContinue reading “Sleight of Hand #haiku #magician”

The Timeless Christmas Legacy #Christmas #shortstory

She had spoken her dying wish into that delicate symbol of timelessness. As I cradled it, I hoped to hear her voice. I did… It came each Christmas Eve just at the moment she died; I would hear a small chime and then her voice. Then the next morning we would awake to presents underContinue reading “The Timeless Christmas Legacy #Christmas #shortstory”

Looking for You #poem

I look at you in the looking glass It’s the image portrayed for me mesmerizing and witty too but something missing I just can’t see * I keep looking hoping for more time will surely reveal your heart, your mind what’s behind those closed doors * Grabbing at the frame do I even know your name? whatContinue reading “Looking for You #poem”

The Bowie Knife Mystery (Part One)

“You found what?”  Stewart said to the young man working the loading dock. “A 10 or 12 inch bowie-knife wedged in the sidewall of your rear tire, Sir.” He held back the profanity that was creeping to the surface. Stewart stomped off to his late-model, pearl white Lexus. “I didn’t need this today.” “A doozyContinue reading “The Bowie Knife Mystery (Part One)”

That Night Beneath the Moon

My eyes lingered upon her face intrigued by her smile rare beguiling inner glow I could take in her beauty for hours That face – radiant and pure reflecting some mystery of the ages the luminescence of  her gaze made my heart tremble She was so steady and sure though she changed with the daysContinue reading “That Night Beneath the Moon”


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