Looking Back… #poetry #art #NWCU #photography

I'm looking back

Where were you

when they thought the world might freeze?

computers might not know

which directions to retrieve

were you just starting a new life?

were you a husband or a wife?

holding little hands

singing in a band

were you bereft

at a loved one’s death?

did you like I

wipe many tears from your eyes?

one year on the cusp of a new century

no more plebs, fewer gentry

were you hoping like the rest

that 2000 would not put you to the test?

because …

your loved ones young and old

still had a story to be told


In 1999, I was ( yes) a mom with little ones, I sang in a band, I’d seen much sorrow, and waited eagerly for tomorrow…

What about you???

Join us at The New Creative World Union and Wednesday Wake Up Call for a look back in time.

Photography: “I’m Looking Back” Copyright L. Moon 2012

A Poet’s Lasting Impression #tribute #memory #nwcu #photography #art

She left a mark

 unfading impression

though life has ebbed

words are her name


creative beauty soars

a star sings

shooting meteorite march

heavens proclaim


she left her mark

though never quite the same

her voice will ring

in many hearts

This  poem and photograph are placed here as a stamp. Her impression lives on in the memories of many family, friends and poets who knew Libithina. Please enjoy a moment taking in the words of this poet and I would encourage you to visit her blog to soak in more of her work

From Magic of the Faery Queen (an excerpt) Libithina -copyright 2011
Then come sparkling star
wakening sleepy fields
and rushing falls onto streams
where birds sing and call
a gown prepared of the finest
spun golden filaments
clasped in emerald
matching eyes of green
and slippers of softest moss
caressing your feet
Believing declare
no beauty to compare
Such is the Magic of the Faerie Queen.

Echo Breezes Universal (an excerpt)  Libithina copyright 2011

Enamoured, provokes a truth to prove not hide and trust
To take that chance
To make that move
Of ties that bind
Putting assunder
Breezes find that Universal Laws of love and truth
echoes forever

Times’ Stream (an excerpt) Libithina copyright2011

But what if there is never anyone
Waiting to see
Shades opening
soft gentle palms
Kindest hearts
Saplings grown
From twiglet borne
Letters boxed
Walks past
Remnants shared
Tweaks the real
Holding fast
To hopes that’ll last
Through time
pressed rose persuades
pervading structures
reaches, struggles to grasp
holding on to faith
will it last

Oh Libithina: for a moment I bask in the sunlight of your words.

You ponder life and the beyond and always end in beauty and hope amidst the struggles.

Yes – it will last dear light!


This is my submission for the prompt at New World Creative Union. We are encouraging creativity to be expressed for the memories of those we love and the impressions that last…

I can hear the chorus #NWCU #poetry #Photography #travel

You stand so still these days

yet in each brick

I hear a phrase

“Gloria in Excelsis Deo”


Angels supplication

as your heart’s pour out

remove the suffocation

of these troublesome times


For peace our plea hear

good will toward all men

Women’s tears

bathe the earthen floor


mine mingle with theirs

in a unified Accapella chorus

that spans these years

between aged walls

Photography: “Sound in the Old Chapel” L. Moon copyright 2006

On a visit to UK, several of us chorused Christmas Carols (in August) in an ancient chapel. The harmonic tones rung so rich off those old brick walls.

Enjoy today at NWCU and Wednesday Wake Up Call hosted by Joanne Eliot.

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The Base of History #history #NWCU #WWUC #photography #poetry

Civilizations led by hate will always end in war and destruction

Beneath the feet

there is a wall

hidden from most

reflecting the fall


Once children were taught

words from the heart

when they did pass

is where it starts


kept out of sight

tucked under the wall

there is a sickness

unbeknownst to us all

The word is Hate

it starts deep within

but as it lingers

it grows into sin


like a plant

that like a weed must grow

it chokes out all reason

no goodness to show


there peaking in the shadows

beneath cruel HATE

it’s lingering- WAR

by now it’s too late

for hate as it blossoms

will weave and will spin

diseased delusion

civilization’s end

Photography: “Column Base”, “Hate’s Shadow”, “Hate and War” copyright L. Moon 2012

This completed work consists of poetry and photography. I hope you feel the statement that is in response to the Wednesday Wake Up Call at New World Creative Union. The artist is asked to ponder: ” 1000 years back…1000 years forward….can you feel the weight of our evolution? Are we now prepared to learn from the lessons? Where do we go from here? Our planet is dying, our societies are struggling, the line between the have’s and have-not’s grows ever more defined. How did this happen…how do we change? ” Thanks to Natasha Head for the inspiration.

Puzzle Me This … #NWCU #WWUC #poetry

Master of the Stars

what disconnected chain

can hold a lunar orb

in the perfect balance

between light and dark?

Can the herald

with one magnificent note

spin sense

unto this unreality?

or will for all time

the seasons be reversed

the tides fail to ebb

and will the flow

of reason


This rather complicated piece comes from Roger Baut’s  prompt for Wednesday Wakeup Call at The New World Creative Union where many pieces of a puzzle were meant to be solved or written or created

The Words Written in the Sky a Triolet Duet #poetry #NWCU

The words in the sky are many and few…

Echoes of Warmth Within

Sun Wisps Down

Fall’s Hues Shine

Echoes of Warmth Within

Fall’s Hues Shine

Contrast of Colors Spin

Echoes of Warmth Within

Sun Wisps Down


Brush Strokes Go On Forever

On a Backdrop of Blue

What Words They Don’t Say

Brush Strokes Go On Forever

What Words They Don’t Say

Color Mosaic in Soul Glue

Brush Strokes Go On Forever

On a Backdrop of Blue

This week for  The New World’s Creative Union and Sunday Snap Shot,  I was inspired to perform a duet of color and words with my friend and co-writer Sean Vessey over at Knight’s Heart. It’s been awhile since Sean and I have dueted together so I asked him if he would be willing to duet off each other’s words and this photo rendering of the sky.

Photograph “Painted Sky Lines” L. Moon copyright 2012

Silent Song #nature #photography #poetry #NWCU

Do you hear it – The chorus of silence right before the dawn?

shaking the noise of dreams

eyes lock on silence

pulling herself through

she grabs at a ray or two

and then

sounds beyond the imaginable

birds singing

trees rustling with dancing leaves

color writing a score yet to unfold

with a song none can hear

but the eye can for now behold

Today over at Wednesday Wake Up Call Suzie Clevenger has encouraged us to reflect on silence. Something I am fortunate to have quite alot of these says.

The Last Dance of Fall #nature #poetry #photography #nwcu

Do you hear them? They are the fine ladies of autumn dancing their last dance of the fall.

I am unleashed

nothing holding me back

free to flutter and spin

caught on a breeze


I am ecstatic

circling in a spiral


colors spin before me


yellows, reds, oranges, browns

mingling of copper beauty

others call

“I am free to dance”


for that solitary moment

we fill the dance hall

if you listen

you will hear

dresses of every color

filled with the air of excitement


a cheer goes forth

we are

celebrating our final


Enjoy George Winston’s Fall Medley
Thanks to New World Creative Union and Sunday Snap Shot  for letting me share the inspiration of Fall today

Photography by L. Moon copyright 10/2012. Tell me what you think of the logo I designed for Snap shot

Shades of Edgar #NWCU #WWUC #poetry #music

Welcome to Wednesday Wake Up Call. I’m in the middle of writing a short story for Halloween so this ghostly “Poe like” prompt hit it for me.

Max Ablitzer  will be performing at the Bush theater in London on November 3. Poetry will be read by Tishani Doshi; it should be quite a night

the ravens

hated birds

dance over your grave

I am jealous

mauled by their “caws”

they get you each day and  through the night

i lost you every day and more so at night

you laugh

I know

I hear it at dusk

as you go…


there is nothing left

to pick apart

or the ravens

those black billed beasts

would pick at my heart















Please join us at New World Creative Union and share your creativity.

Moving the Elements #NWCU #microfiction

fire can be moved with a subtle air…

Falling Sun

“I am air” the nymph proudly said to the lion after having her request refused.

“You can neither move me nor displace me. I am fire.”

“Ah we shall see.” the nymph smiled with a half wink

“We shall see…”

Nymphs (especially the air ones) have an uncanny ability to change shape and size.

“It is not a big blow but a small, elemental one required of this beast .” she giggled to herself.

A sleek feline entered the grassy meadow where a maned lion lay fast asleep. She circled first so that the silent air would carry her scent. stealthily she walked up to the beast and whispered “Catch me if you can”

She bounded off into the trees knowing when he caught her scent he would follow. She found another meadowy area and laid down. She rolled crunching the grass and making sure her scent was obvious. Before he arrived, she became a nymph once more and ascended into the trees to watch. He bounded toward the area and waited for her return. He seemed to look sad and displaced but soon roared and fell asleep.

The nymph was tickled but dared not disturb the beast.

“This tea party is the very best you’ve ever had.” all her guests exclaimed. The nymph agreed. The meadow was the perfect setting.

Smiling she thought “Air wins over fiery Mr Lion.”

In the breeze, a lioness returned to the meadow …

Photography “Falling Sun” L. Moon copyright 9/2012

This post is in response to  Natasha Head’s Wednesday Wake Up Call over at New World Creative Union.


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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