Apocalypse Yesterday #news #humor #poetry

before the light went out

“Step Right Up, Sit Right Down

What we offer is for free

you simply give to us your hand

we take your soul and play the lottery”


the hawkers were at it again

dawn til dusk it’s always the same

they had to corner a billion or so

before the winter’s came


people by the month

in a long and steady line

you can wave at each other

Skype has a cadence to step in time


“Don’t take candy from a stranger”

mama’s instruction runs through my head

you may not be taking poison

but I assure you will be  dead


I looked in my cereal bowl

only three flakes one table-spoon of milk

my children’s tummies are screaming

they’re aching to be filled


“EXTRA, EXTRA  read all about it”

special’s for today

a loaf of rotten bread

new beheadings on display


Ebola has been countered

so the newscasters have us misled

politically they tell their lies

soothing our unease and dread


The circus will soon be coming

the tents are in our town

you have to be a magician

to keep the bayonets down


in the original story

four horsemen had a goal

all corners of the ravaged earth

to recieve disaster’s bowls


pestilence, we have so little

famine, it’s just a pinch

earthquakes and fires never

tornadoes theyr’e a cinch


Truthfully  what is there to fear

there’s forewarning on the news

and think of all the movies

they’ve stocked with ample clues


I really am not worried

were making out just fine

two boxes left of wheat chex

for milk we stand in line


the lines are getting longer

but not as long as some

I’ve heard in parts of Russia

they stand for weeks to come

when all of this is over

I’ll thankfully raise hat to hand

and pack the kids and what not

we’ll off to Disneyland


got milk

This is meant to be dark humor, but if you don’t notice a shred of truth just look at the news, go to the grocery store where cereal boxes have shrunk in size (twice is less than 2 months). Ebola and beheadings are serious issues that “they” are having a hard time finding a big enough carpet to sweep this stuff under.

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News at 11 #poetry #drought #photography

and you

as the sun sets on the occurences of today

are you putting you little ones to bed

contemplating the school year ahead

are you checking your records

to make sure you have enough flu vaccine

reading up on the Ebola scene

are you shaking your head at the

26 page syllabus of first year spanish

as you finish your third ice cream dish

one your knees Thursday night

praying that none of your friends will have the shock

being the latest Christians on Friday’s  chopping block

and how will you deal with the news

what items would you run and take

preparing for  another San Francisco earthquake

you must know that water sources are failing

politics in California turn off the spout

no water for your family to drink out

food and dairy replaced by weeds

feed your family from a box

this fall don’t expect more expect high costs

disease can travel on any transportation

were so filled with misinformation

I turned off our news for the last and final time

I’ll check France 24  overseas at Nine

Valley water in a good year
Valley water in a good year





DoomCycle #fridayfictioneers #flashfiction #newcago

new cago times newspaper (2)


An unmanned vehicle being controlled by ???

“What the devil?”

In one moonless night:

The Sheriff had been pushed into CagoBend River on his evening constitutional.

An unnamed legislator left a permanent bloody imprint (his only remains) in the Last Street Tunnel.

It knows I have no power against it. “The stakes have been raised,”It sneered at me as it squealed away from its bloody destruction. Leaving a wake of red tracks.


“You have everything you need here. Help Us…!” Doom was etched in his knowing eyes.

All I possess is a sheaf of files, a sense of foreboding.


Another week of Friday Fictioneers hosted by cycle mama Rochelle Wisoff Fields. The prompt inspired another installation for the   NewCago Series. Here are the  previous stories in the series:

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Have a Cup on Me part 2 #halloween #microfiction

The journalists had laughed at the first note

“Death will reign come Halloween Night.”

No one laughed,  when the first reports got phoned in. All seemed to be the same cause- a lethal poison. All the victims were attractive women.

The Times got a new note:

“More Each Day.”

No one, at the paper, noticed the note was arranged differently. In the first, the letters were ripped out; this one the letters were cut out – neatly.

The paper’s headline read:

“…  a pretty lady with silver bangles was found in her car this morning”


Life kept buzzing in the coffee shop. The drama never ceased neither did the foreboding in the headlines each morning leading up to Halloween.

“Ten women total and the police have no clues.”

“I feel terrible for the families.” A young woman whispered to her boyfriend.

“Maybe you should go out-of-town for a few days,” he said with loving eyes.

The barista looked over at the two for a moment envying their closeness.

Later that day… a woman was obviously meeting a man for the first time. The barista winked “not sure about that one…” The blonde winked back “I’ve been on lots of dates. Ya never know…”

“These are scary times “the barista added.

The blonde smiled, “I’m a big girl.”

A scream was heard in the back of the coffee shop. There was momentary mahem as some people rushed for an exit while others rushed toward the scream.

“It’s ok folks it was just a mouse” the barista grinned knowing on most days the news of a mouse would empty the coffee shop; today it brought people closer together.


The next morning more deaths were reported. Among the deaths – a blond who thought she could handle life and a young woman whose boyfriend was grieved that she had not listened and gone out-of-town as he asked.


“Sir, some of the victims were strangled and others were poisoned.”

“Guy likes to mix it up, obviously.” the chief scowled.


“I’m not sure if you girls should be working especially since it seems several of the women were customers here the same day they died. Maybe he waits outside for the customers,” the manager’s face whitened. “Then we will be sure not to be customers here,” the barista tried to lighten the mood.

“Ok, but if either of you feel you need to then you can have the rest of the week off.”


“Nothing ever happens in this sleepy little town” the police chief pounded his fist on an oak desk. He hated contacting the metro police but needed help in solving this crime asap.

That afternoon a detective went to the coffee shop to talk to several of the staff. “Anything unusual the past few days?” No one could recall.

“Well there was this one weird, middle-aged guy who has met two different women for coffee.” the barista remembered.

“Yeah, he seemed really full of himself, acting like a big shot, as he bought his date a Venti. I call that a big spender.”

“Have you ever seen him before?”

“No. Never,” all the baristas agreed.

“Ok give me a description and if you see him again get his name off his credit card and try to delay him.” The detective was writing in his notebook.


A pretty young woman ran in late toward the end of the shift. The guy at the cash register asked ” what is a beautiful lady like you doing out so late?”

“I lost my wallet today and I just got off work at the spa. I hope I left it here.”

“Well pretty lady” he smiled “Let me look in our lock box. Can you describe it?”

“Yes, it’s brown leather with a gold clasp.”

“Looks like you’re in luck” the cashier said valiantly as he handed the wallet to her.

“How ’bout one for the road” the barista smiled “Coffee’s getting dumped. This one’s on me.”

“I could use something a bit stronger” the woman giggled with a strain in her voice gratefully taking the coffee and leaving a tip.

“Liquor store’s around the corner.”

Neither the barrista nor the gal with the wallet noticed a guy preening himself in a dark Camero.


to be continued…

Photograph “Coffee’s on me” by L. Moon copyright 10/2012

Why did he leave ??? #FlashFiction

She opened her eyes that morning

all traces of him were gone…


she thought that the relationship was moving forward to a commitment

Three years  later she read :

“Human Skull discovered in local irrigation ditch.”

The headline went on to state that  a dog unearthed the skull

A tear fell from her eye…


Thanks to the illustrious G-Man who hosts Friday 55 Flash Fiction. Join us as we write fiction in 55 words.


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


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