Nothing #atozchallenge #poetry #photography


There is a place called “nothing”

devoid of space and time

I guarantee it’s real

Represents a frame of mind


“Nothing” you might say is empty

Some might say it’s flat

A question merely lingers

“Nothing”- where is that?


Could nothing be a place

A place where you are not

People point and gawk

For some – it is their lot


Many say its fiction

Others say it’s fact

Sadly, I have lived there

Never wanting  to go back


I pulled this poem from my 2010 archives. I tried in the style of Dr. Seuss to use simple rhyme and rhythm to make  astute  and silly observation.


“It was at that age
that poetry came in search of me.” 
― Pablo Neruda,

A newly coined word. Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” is filled with them, including “slithy” and “gimble.”

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

Don’t Look Back #poetry #photography #relationships

Those are my bridges burning

in the rear view mirror

deep breath

 someday it will end

Rocks to climb

they are before us

we’ll get hurt

through life’s turns and bends

desert rocks

put away the thoughts

that are behind now

that pain can never


keep driving toward


the clouds promise

clearing rain

Golden Mesa

then one day

look in the mirror

reach for beauty

once out of range

dance in moonlight

embrace the forest

new life

blots out old stains

pink rose

Each week Poet’s United provides great prompts. This week the prompt is mirror. Susan also encouraged us to integrate a true story. poets united

Photography: All images were taken on a trip along Route 66 (a southern highway in U.S.)

The Little Ruler #microfiction #magpietales

Some men flaunt their greatness in stature before the masses while others are great because they have a big heart

He had a mighty voice so they said.

He paraded and pomped a crown on his head.

Wherever he went they oohed and they awed

Some said he was greater than God

Then came a day a wind blew and blew

and when it was over his kingdom was through

He cried and he tantrumed with his little voice

the people heard  it had been their choice

for when the wind had stopped and people could see

what was left was minute smaller than wee

the king had put himself high in acclaim

but he was nothing more than the height of his crane

Many thanks to Tess of Magpie Tales for the wonderful prompt this week.

The Ends …

She wanted to believe in…

his candy coated words

She had to…

Last straws

ends of ropes

the vestiges of home

Hope was a four letter word

until it was replaced with another


She made…

one last time attempt

to believe


“you and me”

When she removed

the rose-colored glasses

there was

only “me”

holding this…

Thanks Garrett Charles for the right photo



What have I become???
I’ve wandered in my mind and soul
walked in the light of the moon
trudging now the empty dark side

the edges are angry
not seething with anger
just the placement of anger
ready to pounce at any misplaced word

a howl in the air speaks
“you have failed
it’s too late for hope
give up go away”

I look up
daring not to ask
“what is there?”
a resounding echo “nothing”

Thanks to Suzy Muse for the photo


A place called nothing

There is a place called nothing

It’s void of space and time

I guarantee it’s real

Represents – frame of mind


Nothing – you might say is empty

Some might say its flat

A question lingers in the mind

Nothing- where is that?


Could nothing be a place

A place where you are not

People point and gawk

For some – it is their lot


Many say its fiction

Others say it’s fact

Sadly I have lived there

Never- wanting  to go back


Thanks to Craig Finlay for the photo


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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