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The clothes we had put in the closet were dated and we both chuckled. Ukraine had become quite modernized but in 1991 there was little fashion. My skirt was grey and my blouse was yellowed from many washings. I was glad I had packed an old blond wig. The blond with my blue eyes gave me a first glance pass as Ukrainian. I looked at Don. All I could think of was to use some hair dye I had earlier mixed in a bottle.

” It will at least take away the grey.” I said as I pulled a workers cap on his head.

“Now what?” I had a blank look.

“We need to find food and answers. Food should be easy.” He pointed toward the door.

I had forgotten that we weren’t in a war zone and there would be food. We sat down at a café in the Passage and had a luxurious coffee and pastry. We ordered several more for “later.” We also stopped at a fruit stand and filled a bag with apples. My mouth watered.

“Let’s get this food to our friends.” I said casually.

We were careful as we went up the stairs to watch for anything out of the ordinary. As I turned the hallway, I thought I saw a shadow. We stopped.

“K – G- B?” I signed the letters to my husband.

He shrugged his shoulders. We listened intently – nothing.

As silently as we could we went to our room.

“Do not eat these too quickly.” I instructed the children as I gave them the pastries, fruit and some juice.

“We will eat slowly. Won’t we children?” Marina said.

“We are sorry to keep you locked away, but we need to keep you safe.” I waved toward the closet.

Each of our friends stretched their arms, legs and backs and willingly climbed back into the hideaway.

“I think we need to look for the professor.” I said to Don. “I’m worried about him.”

“He may not be in this time period.” My husband looked like he was trying to solve a puzzle.

“Hmmm. Wouldn’t they leave us a clue?”

“Only if they could.”

We carefully went down the hallway of the Passage that was set aside for guests from the past or the future. There was no evidence of anyone being there.

“Who can we ask?”

I had an idea. I grabbed my husband’s hand and ran down the old hallway. There was one more room with a hideaway.

We listened carefully at the door. No sound.

The door was unlocked. I gave him the thumbs up.

He walked around the room looking for any clues.

Just then we heard a load noise in the hallway. We froze and looked at each other…

This is a continuation of a story that I began writing in Odessa, Ukraine in 2007 at The Passage Hotel. The time period was moved to 2022 as a tribute to the heroism of the men and women who are living in Ukraine (especially Odessa) right now.

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Cold Air Lunch #ukraine #fiction #atozchallenge

Okay so today is 2022. I have to keep reminding myself when I am and checking my currency to make sure it’s the right year.

As we left the portal and 1991, we knew we had to be ready for anything.

We moved casually to our room without running into anyone or seeing the man with the dark look.

“What should we do with the gun?” My husband sounded less assured than thirty minutes before.

“Grab the tech, stow the gun.” I remembered to whisper.

“Okay let’s grab a coffee and see what’s going on.”

The guests were no longer sitting in front of the television but it was showing footage of several Russian ships outside of the port. News casters were too quick so I couldn’t even get the gist of what was happening.

“My Ukrainian can’t keep up. What did the guys on the news say?” I asked a woman sipping her tea.

“They have no answers. Boats just sit there. No one gets off.” She waved at the picture.

“After two days?”


“Thank you for your help.” I smiled as I told my husband the good news. “No Russians today.”

We decided to take a drive to a cafe outside of Odessa in case it was our last time. They had some fresh cheese and bread.

“How is it?” My husband asked the owner.

“Families are fleeing from the east. Men and boys stay. We have a sister and a mother who are coming soon. Those people will not have food and water.”

My husband thanked him and gave extra money when he paid.


We waved goodbye.

Dmitre was able to fill us in. “Yes, we are hearing the sailors refuse to help. They are Crimeans they mutiny.”

“Ha, good for our Crimean brothers.”

“But there are plenty of problems. The East will be taken soon. We are not sure but there looks to be  a solid line. Its kilometers long of Russian tanks and trucks coming.”

“You are safe?”

“Yes, Zelensky and my brother have had several men take close shots. All bullets missed.

“Bravo.” My husband and I both chorused.

“My family how are they?” I heard Dmitre’s emotion.

“Adjusting. Your mama is an excellent babushka. There is always something for the children to learn, sweets for tea, and many walks to the park.”

“Then they are good. Nikita will be so happy.”

“Anything for the chief?”

“Stay at the ready.”

“Til next time.” My husband disconnected the call.

“They will appreciate the news about the Navy.” I tried to sound cheerful.

“Yes. I’m just wondering is there anything else…”

“No, we need to lay low. Other people…”

“You are right. Let’s enjoy this open air lunch.” We buttoned out coats.

Welcome to Penned in Moon Dust. If you are visiting via the A to Z challenge thanks for your visit. i pulled a story I wrote about a time portal in Odessa, Ukraine when I was staying there in 2007. I guess this would be a historical fiction (it’s just a history as it is happening.) The setting for this story is the Passage Hotel a charming hotel built in the 1890s. She’s seen many wars and many despots traipse through.

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Discovery #Ukraine #fiction #atozchallenge

“The room we are looking for is blue in color.” My husband insisted to the hotel manager.

“There is no room in blue. It must have been redone.” The manager tried to sound nice.

“It has to be here,” I stomped up the stairs to the third floor. I had refused to use the antiquated elevator from our first day.

“Might I help you?” One of the housekeepers smiled at us.

“I’m looking for a room with blue wall paper. There is a sitting room, a small hall way, a bath and a very large bedroom.”

“And you say the room is in blue?” Her lips curled into a knowing smile.

“Yes,” we both chorused.

“I know it well. Follow me.” She set her linens down and walked with determination down the hall. “This way,” she pointed toward the stairs as we went down one floor.

“That’s right it was on the second floor.”

We walked down one floor, down a very long hallway, and then up three stairs toward another short hallway.

“Please stand right here for one moment,” the girl said. “See where the carpet is different?”

“Yes.” We both said.

“When you see the carpet change you must quickly move down that hallway.”

It was odd. I looked at the carpet and it changed.

“Go now.” She pushed us forward then up five stairs and there was the short hallway.

“Yes, this looks right.” I pointed to the room where I had stayed years ago.

The girl opened the door for us with some small amount of ceremony. “The blue room.”

“It looks the same.” I looked at the bedding, the large sofa and a small bed in the corner. There was also a small woodburning stove. I walked into the adjoining room with a large double bed and two twin beds. “Plenty of room.” I sighed.

The girl pushed a panel and there was another hidden room with many shelves and an additional bed. “For hiding people.” She whispered.

My head was spinning with questions: Where, What, Who…

Thanks for stopping by Penned In Moondust by Moondustwriter for the A to Z Challenge. This (continuing) story was birthed at The Passage hotel in 2007 in Odessa Ukraine. I changed the time to the present rather than the Cold War. I hope you feel the courage and tenacity of the Ukrainian people as this fiction unfolds.

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