Hand in Glove

Your glove





My hand





The hand in the glove




the other

The glove

where the hand




The hand

fitted with  the glove

sharing warmth


it with love

Together – they are one!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/technowannabe/484738643/                           http://www.flickr.com/photos/goodncrazy/5415447242/lightbox/

All in a days opening #oneshotwednesday

“Come Close” – I hear you whisper

“I will challenge

your mind

your imagination”


“Look at me…

I am delight

to your eyes

your senses”


“Touch Me…

I am smooth

fingers long

to feel me”


“Open Me” – I hear you beckon

“I am filled

with anything

and everything”


“Do not Close me!

I am strong


I am Pandora”

Join us for another week of One Shot Wednesday. An opportunity for poets to share their work with others.

PhotographCredit: Creative Commons  and Takomabibelot:http://www.flickr.com/photos/takomabibelot/3473489580

Holding Your Heart #oneshotwednesday

Can’t protect you
against the storm
in it’s rage
but I can hold your heart


I can’t shield you
from the flaming
suns rays
but I can hold your heart


Can’t keep your boat
Safe from harm
So it won’t capsize
But I can hold your heart


I can’t keep
The ugliness of life away
Nor protect your eyes
But I can hold your heart


As the storms rage
I will hold
Your Heart
next to



Into another age

your heart

is still




Join us for another week of One Stop Poetry. Each week we have awesome poetry shared in community.


He Loves Me He Loves Me NOT #valentines day


Like a girl I pull a petal

eagerly waiting the answer

“He loves me

He loves me not


I pulled the petals

from the flower of love

What did they say?

He loves me…

My eyes through their window you could see

Lips that sang under yours

Calderon of desire

He loves me not…

A trick of the petals I see

but they will not get the better of me


Who was given the petal?

I would like to know!

It cannot last

Why does one petal make the difference?

Passion in the night

Empty embrace is in the dawn – indifference

He loves me…





Fair thee well petal

I shall find new discovery in

the fragrant petal of




Photo “He loves me not” L. Moon copyright 2011

Pirouette Through Life #OneShotWednesday

She leaps and springs

no care where she lands

near or far

a lily pad

perhaps the edge of a star


her toes sparkle

as they they tiptoe on  wonder

where will they step?

dance little girl

little care for what’s next


spring forth

momentary adventure

each dance step a smile

sparkle caught in the air

she has to giggle for awhile


the dance of new life

brings hope to hearts

smiling and gleaming

pirouette of childish delight

never cease your dreaming

This is one poem in a wide variety of poetry shared with One Shot Wednesday. Please join us for an excellent time in inspiration.

The Dance of the Little Girl – 2011 L. Moon

When I was a young artist, I did a whole study of my favorite subject ” little girls.” This is my first attempt at drawing except for cartooning in “forever.”

The Song that Plays On #duetpoetry

Their bodies resonate with sound

a single note on the scale

longing for vibrato

clefs of desire

trebling in volume and intensity

reaching their highest height

an ecstatic crescendo

grand finale never resolves

a new note discovered

chord of fevered joy ~tremolo

concerto of two

your timbre entwined in mine

A song that plays on

Lately my co-author Sean Vessey and I have been on a writing roll. This and The Fuse popped on the screen after writing Quest for Titan for three long hours. It’s our traditional duet form; I will leave the reader to determine which line belongs to which voice. I did cheat by inserting  a couple musical terms I couldn’t remember.

Attribution: Creative Commons and Karjadi 15


Through the Portal… #OneShotWednesday

Look with me through that portal there

A world where the sun never sets

Light scintillates playfully on crystal clear waters

New life springs forth ~ a prism of beauty and vigor


Look with me at the wonders of life

hands laced offering comfort and strength

sweet melodic words caught in the breeze

unceasing devotion spoken with sparkling eyes


Look with me at a vibrant love

slipping between the fabric of unquenched desire

passion is caught never let go

a magnificent beat echos in two hearts


Come with me to that place

where the sun never sets on our love

catch me and never let me go

know love in eyes that say “forever yours”

this is where I want to be


I will extend two invitations today. One to our growing poetry site at One Stop Poetry. We welcome poets to share their work and get feedback.


The second to read the prologue of my novel The Quest for Titan co-authored with Sean Vessey. I have collaborated in the past – when it works the words flow. Sean is a fantastic person to share ideas with ~ this novel is writing itself ( practically).

Thanks to each of you for your support, encouragement and inspiration – you keep me going each day as a writer.


The Portal Photo is from a special place a “portal in time” kind of place ~Golden Gate Park by Orin Zebest  http://www.flickr.com/photos/orinrobertjohn/3081966712

Extinguished … #poem

He will never read

the notes in her heart

His cold love

already warm

in the arms of another


She will never

feel the passion of love

it shattered like ice

before she could

unveil a beating heart


He will never hear

sweet lover’s  whispers

racing hearts

“Fill me with warmth

darling I am yours”


She will never know

a generous heart

words spoken in the dark

deep lover’s kiss

of desire


He will never read

her final pain offering

words of heart break


~I am gone”

This photo courtesy of Creative Commons, Neal Fowler http://www.flickr.com/photos/31878512@N06/4598679917/

Never to See You – Jamais Encore #poetry

Ce que fera je fais…

Si je ne vous voit jamais encore?

The question was what…

what would I

what will I do

when you leave

you leave and




Life giving oxygen leaves

in quick blasts

at the very thought


you gone

my world




An empty bed

empty hand

empty heart




The first breath comes

second in succession


filling the empty spaces



A painless moment

accompanied by another

gasping for another breath

hoping for another breath

pleading for refuge from the pain

death of my heart

replaced with life

life is happening

life will happen

Je Vivrais

Moondustwriter – Music Poetry Prompt (One Stop Poetry)

Please check out the music prompt in One Stop Poetry today. I had fun – though it stretched my writing. Hope you feel challenged to write a poetry prompt as well. you can also sit back for a moment and enjoy the wintry sounds of George Winston.

Please read My Poem “The Snowflakes Have to Fall”

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