Hand in Glove

Your glove serving purpose warmth protection My hand giving working tasks function The hand in the glove each caught by the other The glove where the hand fits perfectly comfortably The hand fitted with  the glove sharing warmth filling it with love Together – they are one! http://www.flickr.com/photos/technowannabe/484738643/               Continue reading “Hand in Glove”

All in a days opening #oneshotwednesday

“Come Close” – I hear you whisper “I will challenge your mind your imagination” ** “Look at me… I am delight to your eyes your senses” *** “Touch Me… I am smooth fingers long to feel me” *** “Open Me” – I hear you beckon “I am filled with anything and everything” ** “Do notContinue reading “All in a days opening #oneshotwednesday”

Holding Your Heart #oneshotwednesday

Can’t protect you against the storm in it’s rage but I can hold your heart * I can’t shield you from the flaming suns rays but I can hold your heart * Can’t keep your boat Safe from harm So it won’t capsize But I can hold your heart * I can’t keep The uglinessContinue reading “Holding Your Heart #oneshotwednesday”

He Loves Me He Loves Me NOT #valentines day

  Like a girl I pull a petal eagerly waiting the answer “He loves me He loves me not He…” I pulled the petals from the flower of love What did they say? He loves me… My eyes through their window you could see Lips that sang under yours Calderon of desire He loves meContinue reading “He Loves Me He Loves Me NOT #valentines day”

Pirouette Through Life #OneShotWednesday

She leaps and springs no care where she lands near or far a lily pad perhaps the edge of a star *** her toes sparkle as they they tiptoe on  wonder where will they step? dance little girl little care for what’s next *** spring forth momentary adventure each dance step a smile sparkle caughtContinue reading “Pirouette Through Life #OneShotWednesday”

The Song that Plays On #duetpoetry

Their bodies resonate with sound a single note on the scale longing for vibrato clefs of desire trebling in volume and intensity reaching their highest height an ecstatic crescendo grand finale never resolves a new note discovered chord of fevered joy ~tremolo concerto of two your timbre entwined in mine A song that plays onContinue reading “The Song that Plays On #duetpoetry”

Through the Portal… #OneShotWednesday

Look with me through that portal there A world where the sun never sets Light scintillates playfully on crystal clear waters New life springs forth ~ a prism of beauty and vigor *** Look with me at the wonders of life hands laced offering comfort and strength sweet melodic words caught in the breeze unceasing devotionContinue reading “Through the Portal… #OneShotWednesday”

Extinguished … #poem

He will never read the notes in her heart His cold love already warm in the arms of another *** She will never feel the passion of love it shattered like ice before she could unveil a beating heart *** He will never hear sweet lover’s  whispers racing hearts “Fill me with warmth darling IContinue reading “Extinguished … #poem”

Never to See You – Jamais Encore #poetry

Ce que fera je fais… Si je ne vous voit jamais encore? The question was what… what would I what will I do when you leave you leave and never return?   Life giving oxygen leaves in quick blasts at the very thought thought you gone my world vacant *   An empty bed emptyContinue reading “Never to See You – Jamais Encore #poetry”

Moondustwriter – Music Poetry Prompt (One Stop Poetry)

Please check out the music prompt in One Stop Poetry today. I had fun – though it stretched my writing. Hope you feel challenged to write a poetry prompt as well. you can also sit back for a moment and enjoy the wintry sounds of George Winston. Please read My Poem “The Snowflakes Have toContinue reading “Moondustwriter – Music Poetry Prompt (One Stop Poetry)”


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