Why the 4th??? #ForthofJuly

I never tire of unraveling the stars and strips on a day like today. I am reminded that I can sleep in my bed safely because I have people round the clock protecting me.  I think of  the diversity of culture: while my family will barbeques chicken another family may be making tamales, and another okra or ribs. I can enjoy my culture within a culture and welcome the beliefs and mores of my neighbor. I smile because we are celebrating becoming a country on this day…


“… Hot Dogs get your hot dogs”

Yes today is a day to celebrate freedom and like so many other american past times baseball is where I love to enjoy family time, food and the fourth of July. My team is the world champions for 2010 The San Francisco Giants.

“Play Ball!!!”

“… Sizzle, Crack, pop, whiz, B A N G”

“Honey be sure to hold those sparklers away from your body.

Dear that bottle rocket is going to… Yes that’s right. Hit the neighbor’s car.”

Sprays of blues, reds, silver green mingle to become breathtaking noise and light.

These were the times that I  enjoyed as my children covered their ears

and danced with delight.




“… Attention”

I am reminded when I heard the order that I had a duty.

It was an honor to serve my country,

my people with the hope of peace.

I waved at my fellow aviators as they flew by me going mach speeds

I am proud to be free to celebrate on a day

like the 4th of July.

I am reminded that there is a price for peace

-sometimes a rather high one

I pray that there will be no more need for men and women to die

in war.


 I wish each of you a Happy Forth of July for the many reasons –

Family, food, celebration, freedom.





Fenetra #oneshootsunday

Les Yeux

a Window

an opening to my soul

you saw

further than any human

what did you see?



My Jail!!!



 there is no way

to extract freedom

for there are




Look – See and join us at One Shoot Sunday for a picture prompt

Behind the Scenes #oneshootsunday #theater

You can’t see it

but it’s there

a world of action

love death laughter guerre


He said it with aplomb

she whispered with disgrace

everything as it should

every line in it’s place


Did you see it?

I think not

for in the wings

we did a lot


The illusion

is so grand

for the house

after they stand


and for us

we smile with grace

for without us

things would be duly out of place


the theater

would be just old boards

the cast

costumed by the hoards


it is us

those wearing black

you never see us

we will be back


for every show

you take the bow

thespians back stage

we are you now


Thanks to One Shoot Sunday for the picture prompt by photographer

One Stop Poetry Picture #prompt

In the crisp night air

I heard the sound of trumpets

clear peals of brass

notes as pure as glass

the scraping edges of skaters

in the backround

made me turn around

my head started to spin

just then “he” walked in

Who walked in?? I’m not sure but it was probably Adam Dustus from One Stop poetry coming in  from the cold at Rockefeller Center

Knowing Love (One Stop Poetry Photo Prompt)

If only she knew it would be her end

the end of life as she knew it

but I was loathe to tell her

for I too had been consumed

by that same knowing

knowing that made my knees weak

knowing that brought tears to my eyes

knowing that he knew my moods

understood my thoughts

Knowing Love

One Shoot Sunday has great photography and great photo prompts. Please read about our featured photographer Lisa Michelle Arhontidis and join in on the photo prompt.

I knew you once (One Shot Poetry – #Homeless)

You ran a printing press

had an art store

sold expensive men’s clothing

your mind expanded ours

you had a way

of solving all our problems

I stand back in thought

by your story untold

and I wonder

what would I do if I were you?

could I stand the lines

to get a bowl of anything

would the stench of my clothes

unnerve my resolve

to continue on

in the human race?

it would be so easy

my hope to displace

in the bottom of a bottle or a river

Go to One Shoot Sunday at One Stop Poetry – our photo prompt today are a series of shots of homeless individuals. Look deep and see what you find there.

One Shoot Sunday – Photography hosted by Moondustwriter

Check out One Shoot Sunday for some awesome photography and a chance to link your own.

I’m taking a break in order to show off Terence Jones – photographer highlighted on One Shoot.

Happy Sunday

Thanks for the pic Terence:


The Welsh Chapel (One Shoot Sunday -Week Two)

“If I could tell you the story of the many lives that have entered this building I would,” groaned the door as it turned on its hinges.

“As you enter, you will hear the sighs and feel the breeze that sometimes seeped through the now caulked walls. See that piano-it played many a fine piece. It knew Idella Cadwallader’s  fingers from the time she was a wee child til almost the day she died. Oh the stories you would hear from the windows there. There were things that they saw no one else remembers. There was Bevin and Maer each other’s true love; they said I do as the sun streamed through the leaded glass. Don’t ask about Gareth he was a naughty little boy. Fortunately beautiful Rhiannon set that young man straight.I had better not reveal any thing more there is sadness and poverty love and spite many things that only doors, windows and walls can remember. Today many only remember that we are a chapel built on a hilltop in 1891.”

My friend lived in this chapel in North Wales. Her spent a year renovating it.

Her home was magnificent.

Gives a new meaning to cathedral ceilings.

For more great photos join us at One Shoot Sunday


Looking ahead, without looking back (too often)


Thanks for following a cowgirl on her crazy life journey.

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