What will this day hold??? (One Shot Poetry)

On this day I am faced with a barrage of questions … Who is that  in the mirror? How can it be? How did I get here? Is the little girl a woman now?? I was in a  dream dressed in white long dark hair on top of my head I wore  a veil theContinue reading “What will this day hold??? (One Shot Poetry)”

In Your Dreams … (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)

I wonder… What would you be doing right now? Where would your mind be taking you? Who would be wandering with you in your dreams? What would you be holding close? I know… what you are doing right now Your mind is thinking of me I am wandering with you in your dreams You areContinue reading “In Your Dreams … (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)”

Lord Tennyson I’m not

Tennyson put it this way: I hold it true, whate’er befall; I feel it, when I sorrow most; ‘Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all. I’m reading this and thinkin That Lordy T – he wasn’t!!!: So Lordy Listen here- gonna give it to you straight gotta hearContinue reading “Lord Tennyson I’m not”

The Tears of a Poet (One Shot Wednesday)

One  Stop Poetry is a community where writers and poets can share their work weekly and get feedback from others. Please join us at One Shot Wednesday. Fell down on the paper faster than she could wipe them away * She whispered “Oh please stop falling pain go away” * The words heard her callContinue reading “The Tears of a Poet (One Shot Wednesday)”

A glimpse of hope

It was broken so was she but a piece was still remaining That small shard reflected life hope possibilities maybe even a future *** “Oh ” she sighed as she picked up a piece of her heart there it is me! *** It was soft vulnerable it’s true but it was still beating

Shattered (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)

This poem is written specifically for One Shot Wednesday. What is 1  Shot??? It’s a new site where poets can link their poems and get feedback. Our goal is to establish a community of writers to encourage  each other and to create more blog visibility for each writer. Please stop by One Shot My lifeContinue reading “Shattered (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)”

Tea with Grandma (by Daniel Audet)

My friend Daniel has an amazing way with words. I hope you enjoy the beauty of his prose. Hope you feel inclined to read other poems in the One Shot Wednesday group. ***** I sat on the footstool, as I always had. Her practiced gaze drifted through the window before which her chair had satContinue reading “Tea with Grandma (by Daniel Audet)”

Bucket of Tears

Please join us at One Shot Poetry on Wednesdays. Today is just the beginning for poets to come together and support each other. Have fun!!!!! Her tears were suspended mid air no more room in the bucket to hold them * Drowning in the fog of forgotten dismay etched on each corner life wrought withContinue reading “Bucket of Tears”


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